The Rising Popularity of Sailing: The Modern Adventure for Outdoor Enthusiasts

The Rising Popularity of Sailing main

As summer really gets going, many of us will be turning to our favourite summer sports, be that beach volleyball, tennis or wild water swimming. And whilst these sports have retained consistent popularity with each passing year, no sport has seen a new surge in interest quite like sailing.

And it’s no surprise. A free-spirited sport that gets you into the heart of nature, allowing access to things you wouldn’t ordinarily have the opportunity to see, sailing is one of those things that takes you away from everyday life in favour of the glistening ocean. And it’s not just a leisure thing either; many enthusiasts are taking it to another level by participating in competitions all over the world.

So, why exactly is it experiencing a revival?

Escapists can’t get enough of it

Sailing might be one of the only activities these days during which you are not reachable. As well as there being no signal in the middle of the ocean, the very nature of the sport demands 100% of your attention.

Where your environment can dramatically change from one minute to the next, sailing requires you to be attentive at all times and really live in the present. So, in order to sail safely and really enjoy the experience, it requires you to leave the modern world behind in order to fully experience the serene and unpredictable nature of the ocean.

The Rising Popularity of Sailing

There’s no shortage of adventure

For those looking for the adventure of a lifetime, a sailing holiday has it all. Take to the seas and navigate your way to hidden islands that are only accessible by boat, venture to untouched swimming holes that you can enjoy for yourselves and spot some incredible marine wildlife on the way.

Sailing charters really allow you to experience a destination as you like. Not only do you have pristine landscapes all to yourself, but you have complete freedom to go wherever you like.

Environmentally conscious

As long as the wind is behind you, you don’t need to use a drop of gas, making sailing one of the most eco-friendly ways to travel. With more and more travellers boycotting planes and tourist activities that pollute the local area, many are turning to sailing as a more responsible option.

Accessible and inclusive

What used to be an elitist sport reserved only for those who had enough money to spare, sailing is becoming more inclusive for lower incomes. Whilst the ship itself might be a hit to the purse, sailing schools, community programmes and yacht clubs are working hard to make the sport accessible to people from all walks of life.


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