How to Choose Between a Motor Yacht and a Sailing Yacht


In recent years renting a yacht in places like Dubai has transitioned from a luxurious experience only few can afford into a choice we should all consider. Websites that offer motor yacht Dubai rental normally provide options for any wallet with prices starting from $150. You can scroll through hundreds of pictures and pick the one to suit all of your requirements.

As pleasant as it is to have a wide range of options, it can also turn out to be exhausting because most of us know less than it takes to make up our minds. However, none of us clearly wishes to buy a book on yachts before using a yacht. One big benefit of renting is that you can try many and make up your mind. Let us take a look at the first question that should be answered – what is the difference between a motor yacht and a sailing yacht and which should you opt for?

To avoid getting confused with all the options it is best to clearly visualize what you want. Before we even go further into this topic, here are a few questions you should answer for yourself. Try to go through each of them before making a decision.

1. What do you want to do?

Are you planning a romantic trip, a party or a sightseeing voyage?

2. Who are you going with?

Would you like to travel alone, with your loved one or perhaps with a large party of friends?

3. What is your priority?

Would you like to have more deck space or inner space? Do you want to move fast or do you want to experience a slow romantic trip? Are you hunting for tranquility, fun or views?

4. How long would you like your trip to be?

Yacht rental websites give you the possibility to hire one for an hour or for the whole day depending on what your plans are. Be careful not to jump into long commitments – if you have never tried this before, it may be smart to start with a few hours instead of booking the whole day.

How to Choose Between a Motor Yacht and a Sailing Yacht main How to Choose Between a Motor Yacht and a Sailing Yacht

If you know nothing about yachts and hear the word for the first time you are most likely to imagine a sleek boat with a stylish form and without any sails. It moves fast and smooth, has a spacious inner interior and embodies luxury – this is a motor yacht. They have powerful engines which give you the benefit of getting to the destination quite quickly by being fairly steady. Also, it can host large parties which are perfect for celebrations and festivities. Even if you are traveling alone, having a lot of space on a luxurious yacht can be surprisingly satisfying.

A sailing yacht has a completely different aesthetic. Instead of luxury, parties and fun, it is usually associated with freedom, tranquility and poetic adventures. They are much slower and equipped with large beautiful sails that are the main source of movement. Some of them will give less free space, but some are actually quite spacious.

One of the disadvantages is that it is a bit harder to operate so you need to be quite skillful. Luckily, websites like CharterClick always provide a professional crew so you do not have to worry about the possible dangers regardless of what kind of vessel you opt for.

This is massively important not only to stay safe but also for navigation – when the crew knows where to take you and how to do it you can truly enjoy yourself.

Also, if you are concerned about the environmental consequences of your choices, a sailing yacht is the option you should opt for as it mainly relies on wind for movement. Most motor yachts are also equipped with state-of-the-art engines which cause little pollution and are as safe for the ocean as they are for people around.

Your choice may depend on where you would like to go. Sailing boats can reach shallow bays that are usually not an option for motor yachts. Of course, beautiful views are worth fighting for but you have to understand that this kind of voyage will take longer and, therefore, you have to hire a vessel for an additional hour or so.

Nowadays the service of hiring a yacht has transformed into a complex experience that can give you much more. When you are precise about what you want, the rental companies can arrange all sorts of pleasant surprises: romantic dinners, sightseeing tours, parties with Champagne, etc. You can choose yacht rental as a way to celebrate any occasion or even to propose to your loved one – there is an unlimited amount of reasons to treat yourself.

Yachts are and have always been a symbol of luxury. However, being able to rent one gives everyone an opportunity to try this luxury. As it was mentioned previously, you can hire a boat for an hour and spend less than $150.

So how do you handle a yacht rental website? Once you have chosen a motor yacht or a sailing yacht you can use this as a filter on a rental website. After you chose the preferred time, you will be able to look at the pictures and prices to make up your mind. The process of booking is normally quite simple and quick.

To sum up, both motor yachts and sailing yachts are great for different purposes. If you want a luxurious crowded party on a fast stylish boat you have to rent a motor yacht. However, if you want to create a romantic experience, feel the salt and breeze on your face and feel rewinded, chose a sailing boat. Use websites like CharterClick to find any additional information you need to make your final decision because, naturally, there are many other criteria that can be essential. No matter what you choose, there is simply no way to hire a boat and not enjoy yourself!


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