The Benefits Of Travel Insurance And Why It Is Imperative For Any Overseas Trip

Benefits Of Travel Insurance And Why It Is Imperative For Any Overseas Trip (2)

The joys of travel are a well-documented phenomenon that can be poured over and dreamed about, but only in experiencing them for ourselves can we see what all the fuss is about. The adages about broadening the mind and expanding your boundaries, both literally and figuratively, are well chosen. Overseas travel is as life-affirming and adventurous as you want it to be, and not many people return to their home country after their first significant excursion without feeling different somehow. Whether through experiencing some of the most remarkable natural sights on the planet, tasting bizarre, delicious cuisines or immersing oneself in unfamiliar cultures and fabulous, strange rituals.

New horizons

Travel is something only a relatively few lucky souls ever get to do for recreation, and as small as the world sometimes feels with such easy access to the four corners of the globe, it should never be taken for granted. Yet, as with all life-changing experiences, there is always an element of risk. Things go wrong, planes are delayed, and luggage is lost. Precious items are misplaced or stolen, and, most serious of all, accidents and medical emergencies occur. This article looks at the best way to protect yourself and your loved ones on any foreign trip by taking out comprehensive travel insurance. We will examine its benefits and exclusions, how to choose the right policy, and which elements to focus on.

The fine details of travel insurance

Most travel insurance policies look similar at first glance, with varying coverage provisions and exclusions. When comparing policies, however, it is much safer to assume they are all different and pay close attention to the details. Spend time examining each policy and the features it offers, most of which will include some or all of the following:

● Accidents, emergencies, and medical treatment
● Trip cancellations or interruptions
● Theft or loss of property
● Emergency evacuations
● Lost/delayed baggage
● Flight delays and cancellations
● Personal liability and collisions (if renting a vehicle)

Assess which of these is most important to you personally, and compare your shortlisted travel insurance policies carefully. Beware of any exclusions regarding lost property—if you’re carrying a 1959 Gibson Les Paul, you are unlikely to find an insurance provider that will reimburse you the price of a mid-sized house, so scrutinise the fine print and don’t carry anything you cannot bear to lose unless it is unavoidable.

Benefits Of Travel Insurance And Why It Is Imperative For Any Overseas Trip (1)

Accidents, emergencies, and medical treatment

When we look at the big picture and assess what we value in life, we might be besotted with our expensive phones, sunglasses or watches and love how we look in the latest fashion items. However, the gulf in importance between those things and medical issues is almost too huge to evaluate. Losing your possessions can be a devastating disappointment; running into medical troubles overseas without adequate travel insurance can be the stuff of nightmares. It’s that simple.

We all lose sight of the fact that delays and cancellations don’t matter when we’re in the middle of experiencing them, but they are unlikely to be remembered long into the future. They’re just part and parcel of the risk you take when embarking on any overseas trip. However, the time you were in a motorcycle accident and had to spend weeks in the best hospital available will live long in the memory, especially if it virtually bankrupt your family. This sounds like hyperbole, but it is not. The annals of history are filled with unfortunate individuals who took their chances and decided against taking out travel insurance, only to bitterly regret it later. The sad part is that it is all so easily avoided. Those crushingly expensive bills that lead to borrowing, selling homes, and even online crowdfunding are all covered by any decent travel insurance policy. This is likely more affordable than expected and certainly cheaper than paying your medical bills. Medical treatment is never cheap, but it can be downright outrageous in some countries.

As a service that most local people could never dream of accessing, international-standard medical facilities know their worth to Western travellers and price accordingly. Suppose you’re unlucky enough to get sick overseas but lucky enough to obtain the best treatment available. In that case, it is your responsibility to avail yourself of travel insurance to cover those costs and the height of madness to set off anywhere without it.

Do your research

A convenient aspect of purchasing travel insurance in Australia is that government regulations are particular on how it can be displayed when researching policies and coverage. All the policy’s terms and conditions, exclusions, and levels of cover must be clearly displayed and not misleading or confusing. This puts the power in the hands of the consumer and allows us to compare quotes and policies directly without fear of being tripped up by the small print. It is still recommended to speak directly with your chosen travel insurance provider and double-check that you have understood everything correctly, but it is much less essential than it once was.

If in doubt, ask as many questions as it takes to satisfy your mind and pay particular attention to the levels of medical coverage you can expect. As we have already stated, all other considerations are secondary when embarking on an overseas trip.


Those lucky enough to experience the adventures and mind-blowing experiences that foreign travel can provide must accept that this endeavour does not come without inherent risks and dangers. Lose yourself in the wonders of our unique home, and don’t be afraid to face your fears. However, it is also essential to have good instincts when things involve more danger than you’re comfortable with and be prepared to say no to specific activities or change locations if the area is not to your liking. Protecting yourself with the most comprehensive travel insurance you can afford is, as far as we’re concerned, a non-negotiable factor in your trip. One that you will probably never need to use or think about again but will be immensely grateful for if disaster strikes.


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