Top 10 Essentials to Pack for Your Trip to the Beach

Top 10 Essentials to Pack for Your Trip to the Beach main

Heading to the beach for a relaxing time in the sun, wave surfing, and being buried in the soft sand sounds like a dream come true, and it can be, unless you forget something at home and suddenly that is all you can think about. That is why, having a basic packing list of what to take with you to the beach is essential in every home, and will be the reason why your next beach trip is as effortless and stress-free as you had always imagined.

Summer is the season where seemingly all the stresses of the office tend to melt away, sitting in the sun down by the beachfront sipping fruity drinks decked with umbrellas is like a vacation, but without the price tag. That being said, if you are fortunate to live close to the beach, or are planning a beach holiday vacation soon, then this article is just for you.

Being ready

For many of us taking a day off and spending it at the beach is a much-needed means of ‘escape’ from the hustle that is the everyday work routine.

So, you’re headed to the beach. Have you got everything you need?

We have curated the top 10 essentials to take with you so you not only have everything necessary to have a great time but, aren’t overloading beach bags that usually look like they are straining under the pressure of unnecessity.

Let’s dive into the list and make your next beach trip a smooth-sailing adventure.

1. Swimsuit

This may sound like a given but too many people simply go in a shorts and t-shirt to travel in and suddenly they get to the beach and forget they have nothing to change into.

2. Beach footwear

Trust me, you cannot be without something on your feet, the sand can get very hot real quick. You must take good quality slides flip flops with you, not only so you protect your feet from the scorching sand, but your feet will be hot and tired and you need a great pair of Havaianas to comfortably make it home.

3. Towel

You will want something to sit or lie on, sand sticking to your body can get uncomfortable very quickly. We prefer an oversized bath sheet because you have more room to spread out and lay your things on the towel rather than the sand.

Top 10 Essentials to Pack for Your Trip to the Beach

4. Sunblock and SPF lip balm

SPF should be the norm for your everyday routine to protect against UV rays and the sun, in general, but even more so at the beach. Opt for the highest factor (SPF 50) to ensure you don’t get burnt if you are going to be there all day. Also, reapply after swimming and wait at least 30 minutes after application to swim again.

5. Sunglasses

Your eyes are sensitive, and with extreme sunshine, the glare can be too much. Wear UV-protecting sunglasses to shield your eyes and to see the kids in the water without having to squint.

6. Sun hat and Cover-ups

If you have ever had a sunburnt scalp or neck then you will know all too well the importance of these 2 items, especially for children. If you don’t have cover-ups, let them swim in t-shirts, as long as they are covered (and kids love swimming in clothes).

7. Beach bag & rubbish bag

The beach sand in combination with sun cream and water can get grimy, having a designated beach bag prevents you from having to wash it every time to use it for something else. Opt for a large, uncomplicated style that you can just dump everything into, and ideally has large handles to carry it on your shoulder.

8. Snacks and Water

Water is a must, you dehydrate twice as fast in the sun without realizing it until you need to stand up and feel lightheaded. Be sure to have plenty on hand for everyone. Snacks will also keep the family from becoming lethargic. Easy to open and share snacks are a great option.

9. Umbrella

Most beaches have these as standard along with loungers but they do come at a fee, if you have your own umbrella it is easier to set up and you can choose a more secluded spot away from the crowds or in a spot protected from the wind.

10. Speaker

This may seem like a luxury to have but it can make the mood that much more entertaining. It keeps people in a good mood, and if it is a radio you keep up with what is happening in the world without needing to be on site. Win-win.

At the end of the day, being prepared will make any occasion much more enjoyable. So grab your flip-flops and head to a smooth-sailing beach day.


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