5 Reasons Why TV Beds Are Worth It

5 Reasons Why TV Beds Are Worth It

Most people like watching TV in bed, but not everyone has sufficient wall or desk space for a TV, which leads to screen downsizing or putting the television somewhere it doesn’t look right. Sound familiar? Then you need a TV bed!

TV beds put your TV slap bang in front of you; they have a motorised TV mount built into the footboard that lifts the TV at the press of a button, achieving an ideal viewing distance of around 6ft with a double bed and a king-size measuring at 6ft 3 inches.

While TV beds are nothing new, today’s TV beds have more robust timbers and clever design tricks to reduce the thickness of the footboard and make the bed more compact, adding up to make a no-compromise media experience.

Still on the fence? No worries. Here are five reasons why TV beds are worth it:

1. Integrate your TV seamlessly

When mounting a TV in a bedroom, you might experience a few problems:

• Wires and cables on show
• No wall space
• Insufficient wall space for the TV size
• No desk space
• Having to stick the TV at an odd angle

TV beds take a more straightforward approach – the footboard contains a TV mount that holds and lifts your television. When not in use, your TV isn’t on show, creating a seamless TV integration with no cables or dodgy wall mounts.

2. Get the best viewing experience

If you love watching TV in bed, it stands to reason you want the best possible viewing experience. TV beds deliver just that by placing the screen right in front of you at around 6ft with a double bed.

6ft to 6.4ft is an ideal viewing distance for TVs up to 50″. If your TV has good in-built speakers, it also ensures you get a great audio experience. From TV shows to movies, TV beds make the most of your favourite content.

3. Built-in storage

Because TV beds have a solid bed base, many are available with built-in side drawers for bedding and bits and bats. You can also get ottoman TV beds like the Star TV Monty, which has a side-lifting ottoman base for abundant storage.

5 Reasons Why TV Beds Are Worth It interiors

Pictured: Star TV Monty 4FT 6 Double TV Bed – Ginie Grey, Available from Bedstar

We recommend choosing a TV bed with built-in storage if you have a small bedroom since there isn’t space under the bed for boxes. You can also save space by choosing a bed with a shorter length (just one cm can make a big difference!).

4. Wide range of styles

TV beds have an upholstered base available in various finishes, including artificial leather, velvet, crushed velvet, and linen. Additionally, there is an unlimited range of headboards, including tufted, buttoned, and quilted headboards.

Double, king, and super-king sizes are available. Whether you like glitz and glam, mid-century modern, shabby chic or industrial interior design, there’s a TV bed for you. Check out our full range over at Bedstar and take a look for yourself.

5 Reasons Why TV Beds Are Worth It screen

Pictured: Star TV Monty 4FT 6 Double TV Bed – Ginie Grey, Available from Bedstar

5. Great for lie-ins

TV beds take lie-ins to another level. Imagine waking up, staying in bed, and sticking on your favourite TV show, the morning news, or something else you enjoy with a perfect home cinema experience. Bliss.

A word of warning, though – you might not want to get up! Also, if you have children, you can rest assured that they will want to get into bed with you and watch TV. What one hand gives, the other takes away; such is the way of life.


TV beds free up your wall and desk space, make your bedroom neater and give you an optimal home cinema experience in bed. Some models take up more floor space than a standard divan or ottoman, but it’s worth it for the media experience.

You can’t go wrong with a TV bed. If you’re looking for a new bed and like the idea of a TV bed, give one a go and see what you think.


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