Best UK Cruises for a Spring Break in 2023

Best UK Cruises for a Spring Break in 2023

As an island nation, it is unsurprising that the UK is a renowned destination for sailing adventures. From single-handed dinghy journeys between coves close to the coastline to crewed ships jetting out to sea to explore European countries on the doorstep, the UK offers a wealth of opportunities for those who love to ride the waves.

If you prefer not to man the boat yourself but instead sit back and relax as you watch the seascapes pass by, a UK cruise could be the perfect holiday for you. Travellers based in Great Britain can take advantage of the regular cruises from Southampton that head up to Scotland, over to Ireland, and out to popular worldwide holiday destinations ranging from the spectacular Norwegian fjords to the golden beaches of the Australian coastline.

For UK residents looking to get away this spring, there are a range of destinations within sailing distance of the English coastline that promise to provide a sensational holiday experience, no matter your personal interests or how long you have to travel. Discover the best UK cruises for a spring break in 2023.


From the capital of Northern Ireland to Dublin and then finally Cork in the south, a cruise around the eastern Irish coastline combines thriving cities with spectacular scenery shrouded in folklore. Irish hospitality abounds at the local pubs and eateries, and the country’s rich history awaits in the many heritage sites. A highlight is the majestic Giant’s Causeway just south of Belfast, a unique natural structure of Basalt columns said to have been created by mythical giant Finn McCool.

Best UK Cruises for a Spring Break in 2023 tulips

The Netherlands

Also easily reached from Southampton is The Netherlands, land of tulips, windmills and clogs that is also home to some of the most treasured art and architecture in Europe. Amsterdam, the capital, is a must-see location: take a tranquil boat ride along the canals or cycle from museum to museum on the quiet city streets. Between March and May, The Netherlands’ tulip fields bloom in unison creating a spectacular riot of colour that is celebrated with the Annual Tulip Festival. This is best seen heading south-west out of Amsterdam towards The Hague and Rotterdam, two other Danish cities that belong on your bucket list.

Canary Islands

If a sailing holiday in your eyes should include more coastline than cityscapes, look no further than the Canary Islands. This Spanish archipelago lies to the north-west of Africa, so each island enjoys moderate to high temperatures and steady sunshine during spring which is a perfect tonic for those who have endured a cold and dark UK winter. During your cruise you will find that each island has its own character, but all showcase mesmerising volcanic beaches and plenty of opportunities for water-sports including jet-skiing. You can also go out on a boat in search of whales and dolphins.


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