Enjoy Caravan Rental at the Fraction of a Rental Company’s Price

Enjoy caravan rental at the fraction of a rental company’s price main

Caravan rental companies have been in existence for as long as the caravan exists. You could go to a travel agency in your village or city and plan your holiday. Want to go to a country and hire a caravan there? Not a problem for the travel agency. They have local contacts and arrange the camper for you. Once you arrive on your destination, the camper will be ready for you at the company’s premise. Or better, it will be waiting for you at the airport. This method of travelling is convenient but also not that transparent for the consumer. How do you know if you paid a good price?

Caravan rental via the Internet

When the Internet emerged at the end of the previous century, it became evident that it would be a tool that could bring information to your doorstep with ease. All the information in the world, just a few clicks away. This was also true for caravan rental costs. Instead of going to a travel agency, you could look for caravan rental companies in the area you want to travel to. You could see their prices and contact them if you were interested. No more need for an intermediary like a travel agency. The result? Enjoying your caravan rental holiday for a fraction of the price.

Comparing caravan hire on the Internet

When the Internet emerged, comparing rental companies became easier. Where can I get the best deal? Who offers the best perks? Where can I start in city A and travel all the way to city B without paying an additional supplement? Websites started to offer these comparisons to consumers, in return for a small percentage when a user rents via their website. However, this is still limited to the rental companies that offer caravans. Where can we find the majority of caravans in ownership? These are owned by other consumers!

Enjoy caravan rental at the fraction of a rental company’s price static

What about the consumer market?

While the professional caravan rental market matured on the Internet, the market from consumer to consumer could use a spur. It was possible to rent a caravan from another consumer via online marketplaces such as eBay. This was relatively easy to do, but trust was an inhibitor of it happening. How could you trust that the caravan will be ready upon your arrival? If you own the camper, how do you know if it will be returned unharmed? User reviews helped to cover a part of this, but unfortunately not all. Camptoo.co.uk saw this as opportunity to bring consumers together and provide the trust that was needed

Comparing consumer caravans on the Internet

Similar to comparison websites for rental companies, Camptoois offering a platform that lists caravans from consumers across the globe. This is beneficial if you want to hire as a consumer, as there is something for every budget. Ranging from new and luxurious to vintage caravans. Once you have found the caravan that suits your needs and budget, you can hire it for the available dates. These dates are made available by the caravan owner and could range from weekends to full months of availability.

When you decide to rent it, you can start the process on Camptoo.co.uk. The platform will take care of important things such as insurance and payments, to make sure that mutual trust is established between the consumers. User reviews on the platforms also reinforce the trust that Camptooprovides. The result? Hiring a caravan in minutes with the needed trust at just a fraction of the price of a rental company.


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