East Riding Theatre Launches Fundraising Campaign

East Riding Theatre Appeal

East Riding Theatre is launching a fundraising campaign that aims to raise £20,000 to solidify its future as a valued local charity.

Over the last 6 years, demands on voluntary management staff have increased alongside the theatre’s continued success. Prior to lockdown, they were in the process of employing a small number of theatre staff to alleviate the mounting pressure on those in voluntary senior roles.

In October of 2020, they received funding through the government’s Cultural Recovery Fund. This let them employ four instrumental members of staff. And each member was fundamental in leading the organisation towards a resilient reopening and a stable future.

East Riding Theatre Appeal


But the funding will only support this employment until 31st March, 2021. And, once East Riding Theatre reopens, they anticipate that social distancing will still be in place. And as a result, the income they receive from ticket sales will be reduced by two-thirds.

The registered charity have expected these ongoing disruptions. And alongside a reduction in workforce, it could affect their ability to continue their mission. A mission to bring innovative entertainment and creativity to the region. And this is why they are publicly recognising the need for additional support.

In response to the situation, artistic director Adrian Rawlins said: “It’s a crucial time. A time where we as a theatre are trying to plan our future and begin to see the green grass on the horizon. Admittedly however, our ability to escape the effects of COVID19 remains dependent
on ongoing support.

“We hope that by fundraising, the theatre can keep bringing laughter, joy and creativity back to the area for years to come.”

You can donate to East Riding Theatre’s appeal by visiting their website: eastridingtheatre.co.uk/donate


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