Carriageworks Theatre Leeds Announces Grand Re-opening with a Summer of Live Events

Carriageworks Theatre

After a long period of closure, the Carriageworks Theatre, Leeds is finally opening its doors again.

A great deal of work has gone on behind the scenes to make the venue a safe environment for all, and with the government ahead for live indoor performances, events will begin on Saturday 22 May with resident Carriageworks Young Theatre Makers. After 14 months of remote rehearsals, Zooms and film-making, Back in the Building, a screening of their original work made in lockdown alongside a special live performance celebrates the real-life return of this talented youth theatre to the stage.

Sunday 23 May sees Britain’s Got Talent semi-finalist Jonny Awsum bring his musical comedy show for kids of all ages, from 5 to 105, which features ‘This is a Musical’ and ‘The Triangle Song’, as seen on Britain’s Got Talent. Plus ‘Air Guitar Girl’, ‘Live Pop Video’ and the very best of Jonny’s live shows.

Carriageworks Theatre

“Life-affirming show”

The family theme continues throughout half term. The Dark Room for Kids starts on Sunday 6 June, for ages 11+. Here, families find themselves trapped inside a live-action videogame. For younger families there’s also the gorgeous tale of How the Koala Learnt to Hug on Tuesday 1 June, where Karen The Koala and her fabulous furry friends are back to answer that age-old question, and remind everyone why there’s nothing quite as wonderful as a nice warm hug (ages 4+).

For comedy lovers Stockport’s most famous housewife, Barbara Nice brings us her life-affirming show. Featuring all the best bits of her 25 years of delighting live comedy audiences, she appears on Friday 25 June. Then, Scottish comedy award-winner and viral sensation Gary Meikle’s Surreal! also appears on Saturday 28 August. He promises a comedy night that is guaranteed to leave you in stitches.

Resident comedy gurus Shoe Cake Comedy are back every month throughout the summer. They bring us a host of shows featuring some of the best performers in the comedy circuit. They include Daliso Chaponda (Friday 23 July) and also Simon Lucas (Saturday 28 August).

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