What are the Best Topics for Video Monetization in the UK?

What are the Best Topics for Video Monetization in the UK

With its capability to reach every device in the world the growing trend of video monetization became an excellent option for creators, platforms, brands, and viewers as well. However, being paid for every video upload doesn’t come by default nor is the money guaranteed for every video. The reality is that not everything is beneficial to creators. Every platform or media reserves the right to change the rules and video makers have to find the way to go with the flow. Also, creators have to always be at the top of their game, pick the topic that is interesting and valuable to their viewers in some way and deliver it entertainingly and engagingly. At the end of the day, in this game of making revenue through monetization, the number of views and subscribers has the biggest significance.

Key factors for video monetization

First, let’s emphasize that any type of online traffic can be monetized, so people who are not fond of making videos have plenty of other options. Also, there are many different solutions available for video ad monetization that can bring an income.

Since it’s an important financial factor and determines how many ads a video gets, the creator’s main goal is to increase the monetization rate by using these major factors:

Quality and consistency – whether it’s a vlog, live stream, or sit-down video, picking and researching the right topic are essential for a high-quality video. Regular uploading shows seriousness and dedication and helps create a devoted fan base.
Audience – knowing the audience means studying their preferences, needs, locations, age, and other determining elements. It helps create desirable content and adjusts the tone and the atmosphere of the videos.
Engagement and analytics – the goal is not just to have a lot of views, but also to turn the viewers into subscribers. A good connection between the creator and the audience is in correlation with conversion rate and produces good analytics results.

What are the Best Topics for Video Monetization in the UK filming

UK audience video content preferences

According to 2021 statistics, 68% of adults in the UK consume online video content every day, 5 videos per day on average.

Vlogging is popular more than ever. With its relatable content, vlogs educate, inform, and connect viewers and inspire them to exchange knowledge and experience. Traveling and food vlogs are still among the most popular in the UK.

A live stream is another form of video content with rapid expansion in the UK. It allows creators to interact with the audience in real time, which is a favorite type of communication among young people. It also helps create a deeper and more honest connection between creator and viewers.

Recent worldwide research showed that more than 90% of surveyed people discovered new products and brands by watching videos on social media. With online shopping growing popularity, videos about new products and reviews understandably have many viewers in the UK too.

The shift from long to short-form videos came naturally, due to busy schedules and viewers’ short attention span. Same as the rest of the world, an audience in the UK likes to consume video content quickly and easily.

Music videos made a huge comeback in the last two years. Some of them are small works of art and a great instant source of visual and audio entertainment. Among other qualities, for UK viewers, music videos are perfect for a short but sweet pause while working from home.
In 2020 and 2021, DIY, design, and style videos became extremely popular. With a lot of time on hand and not so much mobility, UK viewers were seeking ideas for house renovations, upgrades, and other more affordable DIY solutions for living space improvements.


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