Seven Must Have Apps That Should Be On Your Phone

Seven Must Have Apps That Should Be On Your Phone main

There was a time when having a phone wasn’t easy. Phones were reserved for those who had money. However, the technology era has changed everything, and now a phone is necessary. It has transformed how we communicate by allowing quick transfer of information, and wagers can access a sports betting app for easy wagers.

Phones are now useful as marketing tools and have proven efficient for growing businesses. Apps are all over and designed to work on different operating systems. You can access information anywhere through the Sportsbook Betting App if you gamble. Users now prefer apps to general browsing sites since apps are quick and easy to use.

Here are 7 apps you must have on your phone!

1. Browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Phoenix browsers)

A browser is an app that enables you to access information on the internet. After the basic use of the phone, which is calling and texting, browsing should come next. You will want to search for something on the internet at any time. We are lucky we don’t have to go through books to get information.

You can use Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Phoenix browsers on your phone. You may need only one of them. Sample them and choose the best one for you.

2. Map

Google map is a widely used map application. A map helps you navigate and move from one place to another. In this 21st century, you may only need to walk with a compass if it is for another purpose other than finding direction.

You don’t ask someone to explain the direction to where they are, either. They only have to pin their location, and Google Maps will help you get there with precision. Google Maps is an essential app you must have on your phone.

3. Storage App (Google Drive and Dropbox)

Phone developers keep increasing their phones’ storage capacity to attract clients. Storage is very important since we have many forms of data we need to store for future retrieval. However, the internal storage of the phone may not be enough. You need more.

It is a common experience that if your phone’s storage is full, the function of the phone is negatively affected. That’s why you need a separate storage feature to free up some space in your phone. Google Drive and Dropbox are the most common apps for cloud storage.

Seven Must Have Apps That Should Be On Your Phone

4. Social Media Apps (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Telegram)

As much as they are called social media, these apps serve more functions other than socializing. Most people get information firsthand from social media platforms. Mainstream media is only for verifying the information, which most mainstream media houses pass information through their social media handles.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Telegram are common social media platforms. You can decide to have all of them on your phone or whichever you like for different purposes.

Telegram is good for the storage of data like photos and videos. You can always retrieve all the media files even if you change phones, provided you do not delete them from the telegram platform.

5. Calendar

We all know the calendar helps us track the progress of the week, month, and year. It is rare to find a physical calendar in someone’s house. The phone calendar can help you keep records and act like a diary.

You can plan your week or month with your phone calendar and ensure all future events are noted with reminders. That way, you will be sure to attend all important events.

6. Truecaller

At some point, everyone has encountered calls from unknown numbers, which may be scammers and spammers. You may also receive calls from annoying telemarketers. It is not to say that all telemarketers are bad.

You can avoid all the spammers and annoying unknown callers by having truecaller on your phone. Truecaller helps you know the identity of a caller if you don’t have the contact. It even shows you if the number is potential spam or just a new number getting in touch.

7. Video and Music App (YouTube, Spotify, or Boomplay, etc.)

Music and videos form a big part of our entertainment sector. A phone is a vessel to enable us to access music and videos. You may have them stored on your phone or stream them online.

If you have them on your phone, you will need an app like VLC to play them. However, you need a music or video streaming app like YouTube, Spotify, or Boomplay to access these videos and music directly from the internet.


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