DIY Gifts to Treat Your Mum To This Mother’s Day

DIY Gifts to Treat Your Mum To This Mother's Day main

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, you may think it’s now a bit risky to rely on retailers and postal companies to deliver your gifts on or before this Sunday. However, this does not give you a free pass to not treat your mum! In fact, here’s an idea – why not make their day with a special gift that you have handcrafted yourself at home? This sort of sentimental gift would surely put a smile on your mum’s face – you may even get a few tears as well!

With all this in mind, the custom foam storage providers at The Case Farm have compiled their very own DIY Mother’s Day gift guide. Have a read of their suggestions below, and happy DIY’ing!

A cute scrapbook

We all have that one notebook or writing pad that we just don’t use. So, why not transform this into a cute, colourful scrapbook filled with pictures of you and your mum? Simply get your glue, scissors, some felt tip pens and you’re away! This would be the perfect gift idea if you have any pictures that are lying around just waiting to be featured somewhere.

DIY candle

There are candles, and then there are homemade candles. For this DIY make, simply pour melted wax into jars (or teacups if you’re feeling fancy) to form your candle. To go the extra mile, you could perhaps infuse these with your mum’s favourite scents!

Jewellery dish

Does your mum have an extensive collection of rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces? Then she may love her very own jewellery dish. To create this, simply press some lovely patterns into clay and then bake this to form a tiny dish.

Sangria kit

Your mum may not be spending Mother’s Day on a hot Spanish beach, but there’s no reason why you can’t bring Spain to her – DIY style! Here, we’re talking about nothing else other than homemade sangria kits. To make your very own kit, find a large jar and fill this with fresh fruit. Finally, place your bottle of sangria inside this jar – you can even add a handwritten recipe card for all those yummy cocktails!

A bouquet of cupcakes

Sure, a bouquet of flowers is a classic gift, but have you considered treating your mum to a bouquet of cupcakes? After you’ve made your batch of sweet treats, display your cupcakes like a bunch of flowers inside a jar or some kind of holder.

DIY Gifts to Treat Your Mum To This Mother's Day cupcakes

Embroidery hoop

Calling all stitchers! This Mother’s Day, why not treat the special woman in your life to a handmade embroidery hoop? Now, the best thing about gifts like these is that you can make them as personalised as you want. For instance, if your mum loves all things nature, why not stitch together a design that features their favourite flower?

DIY Tablet Case

Whether your mum owns an iPad, Kindle or any other tablet, a DIY gadget protective case would make a lovely present. Simply gather some felt and sew your custom case – just make sure you know the dimensions you’re working with first! You may want to complete this case by adding on a button with an elastic book to allow for hassle-free opening and closing.

Glitter mugs

Does your mum drink tea out of a boring old mug? If so, then it’s time to give this utensil a sparkly makeover – yes, we’re referring to glitter mugs here! For this DIY project, you simply need to dip the mug into coloured glitter – perhaps go for your mum’s favourite colour? With this transformed mug, your mum will no doubt feel like a princess when they drink their favourite hot beverage in the morning.

DIY sleep mask

If your mum is a nap queen, then they may love to get their hands on a sleep mask. Now, a DIY sleep mask may sound like an ambitious project, but creating this should be a piece of cake if you’re a sewing enthusiast. Just gather your supplies, choose an intended design and see what you can create.

DIY necklace

Finally, we have the classic DIY necklace. Handmade necklaces are super fun to make, and not to mention make very sentimental presents. What’s more, you can easily customise them using a variety of different materials – from colourful fabrics to dazzling birthstones!

And there you have it! 10 DIY gifts that will beautifully show just how much you appreciate your mum. When making DIY gifts, the bottom line is to be experimental and just work with what you have – you may even be surprised with what you end up crafting!


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