Birthday Gift Ideas For The Active Man In Your Life

Birthday Gift Ideas For The Active Man In Your Life (2)

If there’s a very active, sporty, and physically focused man in your life, it can sometimes be hard to find him an appropriate birthday gift. If you’re quite the opposite, or the activities he loves tend to change all the time, pinning down something to buy that he’ll love opening is quite the Herculean task!

That’s something we can help with; the gift guide down below has some great ideas for what to buy an active man you love, whether they’re your partner, your brother, or your best friend. Thankfully, there are at least as many physical birthday gift ideas as there are exercise machines in the gym!

Book a Day at an Activity Centre

If the active man in your life loves pushing his limits and finding out what his body is capable of, book a day at an activity centre. You can take him rock climbing, axe throwing, target shooting, golfing, to the batting cages, and many other things, and all in one place where he can take his pick.

Activity centres are pretty good for birthday activities, as it’s usually a one time fee upon entrance and then you can do as many things as you want to. That makes them a great way to treat a guy who loves physically competing. Even if you have to travel a little way, you can surprise him the morning of his birthday by bundling him into the car with plenty of high protein snacks.

Buy a Fast Car Experience

Maybe your partner loves Formula 1? Maybe your dad used to own a classic fast car and misses the days he was able to drive it down the motorway? Either way, if the active man in your life has a love for all kinds of motor sports, why not buy him a fast car experience?

If you do, he can have a couple hours test driving some of the biggest names in the world of fast and powerful cars. Bugatti Veyrons, Aston Martins, Lamborghinis, Ferraris, McLarens – the list goes on and on!

Whilst on the track he’ll have at least three or four models to choose from, and can go as fast as he likes around the route without worrying about breaking any speeding laws. Of course, he’ll have to listen to the instructor in the passenger seat next to him as he goes!

Go on a Stadium Tour/Climb

Stadium tours are a great way to let the guy you love explore the homeground of his favourite team. A guided tour means he gets the inside scoop and access to areas no other fan has ever been in. That’s a great gift to present him with on his birthday!

You might also be able to book him a stadium climbing session. The Spurs’ Stadium offers quite a popular option for this. Once you’re up there, if he’s a real adrenaline junkie, he can even abseil back down the other side! And if you book at the right time in the evening, you can even watch the sunset over the London horizon, which is a view you’ll never quite forget!

And remember, this is an especially good gift if he’s never been to the stadium of his home team before. You’ve managed to get him up close and personal with the ground he’s seen a thousand times on the TV, and now he’s there touching the turf in person!

Subscribe to a Mystery Football Shirt Box

Does your partner have a collection of football shirts in the wardrobe? Maybe it’s rare to see your dad outside of his team’s strip? Take these outfit choices as a hint to get him the perfect sporty birthday gift.

Indeed, did you know that there are subscription boxes out there for football fans? If there’s a birthday coming up, you can invest in a mystery football shirt box as a one off and hand it over to the man you love. There could even be a great retro shirt that’s hard to find anywhere else in there!

And if his birthday occurs round the time of the upcoming Euro Championship, this’ll be a great way to get the season started. Now he’s got a great shirt to wear to match viewings or to the stadium itself if he’s got tickets, and all because you found a subscription box that’s perfect for him.

Make a Fitness Food Hamper

What does the active guy you know and love like to eat to support his fitness efforts? If you can make a list of around five or six products, you can buy them in bulk and then pack them into a hamper. Wrap it up, present it to him on his birthday, and voila! You’ve got a great food hamper that he can dig into when he needs a bit more energy, something for his cheat day, or a hit of protein for muscle recovery.

Try to diversify the food products you put in the hamper; bars, shakes, juices, etc., are all great items to pack up together and provide a better nutritional profile going forward. Failing that, call it a cheat day hamper and fill it with biscuits!

Book Some PT Sessions

If he’s never had the chance to work with a PT before, now’s the time to make that change for him. WIth a birthday coming up and plenty of time in his schedule to spend down the gym, get him some sessions to work with a PT he’s long admired. If he’s never quite been able to justify the cost of this before, present it as a treat for him to indulge in, especially as you’re only buying him two or three sessions to see how he gets on.

Birthday Gift Ideas For The Active Man In Your Life (1)

Invest in New Home Gym Equipment

Do you have a home gym? Not many people do, but we all have some kind of home gym equipment in the house somewhere! From weights to standing bikes to treadmills, there’s always something around he can use to support his fitness. However, how long has it been since you bought a new version of this equipment? If it’s been a few years now, this could make a great birthday gift for him!

Get a Season Ticket for Their Favourite Team

Season tickets are one of the best sporty gifts to buy someone who is dedicated to their favourite team. Whether they’re a football, rugby, or cricket fan, a season ticket means they can attend as many games as they want – although there may be a stipulation over what league these games need to be in. Check the terms and conditions before you buy to make sure you don’t waste any money.

If you do decide this is the best use of your gifting budget, buying him a season ticket means he can attend the game, have a designated seat, and he doesn’t have to worry about the time he gets there or trying to find his way through the crowd. Not only does it mean he gets to see the team he loves, but it promises him peace of mind as well.

A Good Pair of Running Shoes

Do you know a guy who goes running a lot? Then buy him a good pair of running shoes – it’s likely that his own are wearing out by now! Running shoes are quite different to other trainers, as they’re made to support and cushion every part of the foot as they hit the pavement. Do your research here!

If you like this idea, you should also think about buying him a better pair than the kind he’s currently using. If he’s been complaining about his toes being crushed by the edge of the boot, or he’s been rolling his ankles recently thanks to the rubber in the sole breaking down, buy a pair of running shoes that emphasises these features.

Buy Something That’ll Relax Their Muscles

Now that we’ve gotten through all the big ideas about fun and adrenaline pumping things to do, we come to the idea that revolves around relaxing, de-stressing, and staying comfortable after working out. If the guy you’re buying for always complains about an ache in his neck or needs to do a lot more stretching due to cramps in his legs, buy him something that’ll help to keep his muscles in good condition.

This could be anything that helps to massage parts of his body. Foot spas make a popular gift, and men can sometimes find it hard to buy an item like this for themselves. You could also get him a top of the range massage gun, or a massage cushion he can sit against after a long day of work or a weekend of working out.

Got a Birthday Coming Up?

Then make sure you grab him the gift he really wants! If you love an active man who loves breaking a sweat or supporting his favourite team in person, this is the list to get involved in.


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