Games of Chance Vs Games of Skill in Online Casinos

Games of Chance Vs Games of Skill dice

If you ask most successful gamblers what they like to play, they will attest to preferring games of skill. But interestingly, most beginners start with games of chance. So, what is the difference between these games? And how can you use their unique features to your advantage when playing on casino sites UK? We cover this and more, enabling you to make the most out of your chosen playing strategies:

What is a Game of Chance?

As the name implies, you take a chance participating in such a game. How so? When you spin the wheel on a slots game, you have no way to control what the outcome will be. You can wear red, avoid walking under ladders, jump five times after a spin, or engage in any other superstitious activity. But all this encourages you as you manifest a win – none of it can help you dictate where the wheel stops.

There is a chance you will win, and there is a chance you will lose, all of which fall under the influence of the house edge. Examples of such games include:

– Playing slots,
– Rolling dice, and
– Roulette.

In all these, you cannot influence the outcome of your moves. The chance component is higher in some games than in others.

What is a Game of Skill?

Unlike games of chance, where you mainly or solely rely on how the stars align in your favor, games of skills are a tad more complex. They require you to invest some mental or physical capacity. That means that the more you play them and get to understand their rules, the higher your chances of winning. These games follow key patterns and strategies that allow you to win despite the house edge. Examples include:

– Poker,
– Blackjack, and
– Chess.

While you cannot control what other players do, you can still gauge what move will work best for your current circumstances. That’s why many players grow to be the best in blackjack or poker.

Games of Chance Vs Games of Skill

What Are the Main Differences Between These Games?

You may have noticed that some players prefer games of chance while others go for games of skill. What core differences can sway a player one way or the other?


Games of skill follow certain rules, and once a player understands how they work, it becomes easier to strategize. Moreover, the more you practice, the more you understand which moves you should avoid. That is why you come across so many strategies for playing poker or blackjack. A blackjack player will stand enough before understanding when they should split, double down, hit, etc. And all that takes practice.

But in games of chance like slots, there is no clear pattern. Even if you lose because of a move today, the same move could help you win tomorrow. The winning is as haphazard as the random number generation critical to these games. So, the only thing you have working for you is hope.


You will likely face a steep learning curve when you start playing games of skill. But each time you fall flat on your face, you will get up, having learned something you didn’t before. And in a few weeks, you will be much better at the game. If you were to create a graph that depicted how far you had come, you could see the growth.

But in games of chance, you cannot quite make such steady progress as you have no control over the outcome. You can start by winning $2,000 only to lose $5,000 in the following weeks. You are taking a gamble with each move and have no play in it. And without the aspect of consistency, you cannot entirely bank on yourself to grow in the coming weeks or months.


The most crucial aspect in games of skill is control. Whatever happens outside the game will not affect its outcome. You decide how to play and when to make any move. And that means that one decision can help you win a game. Games of chance do not have this aspect. You can win or lose regardless of how you play. So, all you can do is focus on your bankroll to ensure you do not deplete it when chasing losses.

Interestingly, some regions legalize games of skill but do not have the same provisions for games of chance. Thus, you may want to check what applies to your jurisdiction.

Regardless of whether you play games of chance or games of skill, you must remember that they all constitute gambling. Thus, there is no guarantee that you will win, even if you think you will.

Remember to wager what you can afford and spend enough time researching and practicing the games. That is the only way to remain afloat and make more money as you progress.


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