Darcy Mid-Calf Ladies Wellington Boots by Merry People – Review

Darcy Mid-Calf Ladies Wellington Boots by Merry People - Review

By Alex Crabtree

In recent years, the Wellington boot has gained recognition as a fashion item, almost as much as for the functionality it has always sought to provide.

I’ve never really had a pair of ‘fashion’ wellies.  I’ve had some brilliant, durable pairs that have lasted me seven or eight years, thet have done all I asked of them.

But, when I clocked the Darcy Mid Calf wellington boot from Merry People, I liked what I saw, so decided they’d be my next pair…

Darcy Mid-Calf Ladies Wellington Boots by Merry People - Review

What Merry People say…

Australian wellington boot brand Merry People’s Darcy Mid Calf Wellington Boot unites fashion, function and comfort. One of Merry People’s most functional boot, perfect for wet and muddy conditions. Key features include:

  • Slip-on-slip-off style, with 4mm thick neoprene lining for extreme comfort
  • Adjustable rear gusset for desired fit/calf size
  • 100% waterproof
  • 100% Vegan, not made from any animal products, or tested on animals
  • Arch support for all-day comfort

Darcy Mid-Calf Ladies Wellington Boots by Merry People - Review

“Simple, yet smart”

With beetroot and red, moss green, and black colour schemes to choose from, I went for the black. I loved the beetroot and red version, and thought they could be quite a daring wear, but I figured that black would be better for multi-usage.  Tackling the elements, but looking the part too. And I’m happy I went with that colour, because when they arrived and I opened the box, they looked lovely.

Firstly, they look simple, yet smart. Just enough touches on them to keep them away from the ‘plain’ look, but nothing which makes them fussy – and that suits me down to the ground.

They’re nicely presented in the box too, and come equipped with a lovely thank you note, telling you a little bit about the Merry People brand. I thought that was a nice touch.

I loved the initial feel of the boots too. The Darcy Mid-Calf wellington boots are made from a quality natural rubber, and you know by just holding them that you’ve got a high-quality, substantial material in your hand.

So far, so good. But how would they look and feel on the feet when I put them on?

“A tasteful addition”

I tried the boots on with a pair of jeans, and a normal sock. And I was a little surprised at the comfort they provide without the need of wearing a thicker, wintery sock – as per the traditional needs for wellie wearing! We’ll have to see if the tootsies stay warm when I wear them in heavy snow.

The boots are very comfortable though, and had I tried them on with my eyes closed I wouldn’t have guessed that I was wearing a pair of wellington boots.

The look? Well, Merry People promise is that the Darcy boot is something that resembles a “City to Country” style boot, and I have to agree. The rear gusset lets me adjust the boots for a more relaxed or more close fit. It’s a tasteful addition to the boot, and certainly doesn’t look out of place.

Darcy Mid-Calf Ladies Wellington Boots by Merry People - Review

“A smart but leisurely look”

My Darcy Mid-Calf boots got their first proper outing on a Tuesday afternoon. A damp, drizzly Tuesday afternoon where I headed to the supermarket, before picking my daughter up from school and taking her across to Leeds for her ballet class.

They don’t have that more rigid feel that you get with conventional wellies.  They’re definitely boots that feel more like the said country or rider boot.  Very easy to drive in, and nice to walk around in whilst doing my shopping.

I wore them with blue jeans, and a short, black, wool-wrap coat.  Head to toe, I had a smart but leisurely look – and the boots played their part in that.

After picking my daughter up and dropping her at her ballet lesson, my husband and I sauntered around Leeds for three hours. We hit a few shops first, before having a bite to eat.  As I’d hoped, the boots are suitable for all occasions, and walking around for long periods of time is easy.  Hubby even got involved in the boot convo, by saying how nice they looked and agreed they went effortlessly with the rest of my outfit.

Darcy Mid-Calf Ladies Wellington Boots by Merry People - Review

The Verdict

We’re getting a bit close to Christmas now, and with that we’ll hopefully get snow.  I’m looking forward to seeing how they handle snow and ice, and lower temperatures.  I also want to trudge through the mud as well, and see how they clean up afterwards.  I must say, I am a bit scared about the latter though – the boots are so nice and I don’t really want to spoil them!

But what a great pair of wellies.  I’m really pleased with the Darcy Mid Calf boots, and I’ve recommended them to friends who’ve complimented me on how nice they look.

They’re sturdy, yet comfortable. They’re good for looking smart in not-so-clean places (here’s to the Farmer’s Christmas Markets), and they have a super grip. They don’t need a thick sock, and I really like being able to change the look of them by adjusting the fit. If you’re looking for a boot that does the job and feels this good, I’d say don’t hesitate.  Check out Merry People’s website, and place your order.

The Darcy Mid Calf Wellington Boot is available from merrypeople.com Price: £89.95. Free standard shipping is available on all orders over £30.


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