The Cricket World Cup 2019

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Every 4 years the biggest cricketing event in the world begins. The Cricket World Cup, organised by the International Cricket Council is nothing less than a festival for cricket lovers all around the world. This time around, the world cup is held in England and the list of venues for the entire event includes stadiums such as the legendary Lord’s and Yorkshire’s own Headingley.

The Controversies in Cricket

When organising this tournament, one of the biggest concerns of the ICC is to ensure that the event stays safe of any unethical practices. These involve practices on the field, such as misdemeanour, tampering the ball, taking actions against the spirit of the game and so on.

Over the last couple of years, one of the biggest controversies was the 2019 scam in the IPL that has the world questioning the transparency of domestic cricket leagues. Other than that, the recent ban of Australian captain Steve Smith and David Warner over issues of blatant ball tampering was a worldwide scandal. Furthermore, issues of fixing in Pakistan’s cricket league landed some players with long bans on their cricketing careers. These issues have always been, and continue to be a huge threat to the ICC’s code of conduct.

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Betting In Cricket

Having said that, it is very important to clarify that the ICC’s regulations extend up to fixing and unethical conducts only – and not to betting. In games as big as those in the World Cup, there will always be betting.

But betting today is not what it used to be. Today, it takes place over the internet with various offers such as the free bet no deposit offers detailed by freebets UK. However, the ICC makes no effort to curb the betting business because it does not directly interfere with the players and is just another avenue for people to derive fun out of the cricket world cup.

Expected Results

Having explained the difference between betting and fixing, it would only be common sense to explain what sort of scenarios seem to be presenting themselves in the world cup. This may come in handy if you place your next bets on the world cup matches.

Well, it is no surprise that the teams such as Australia and New Zealand have been performing exceptionally well, with India giving a masterclass in some matches. What really is a surprise is the fact that England, that has never won the world cup despite being the birthplace of cricket, is the favourite of the tournament. Where it is currently difficult to say which teams will be knocked out, it seems clear that Pakistan, West Indies and Afghanistan, with disappointing performances have the slimmest chances to qualify for the semis. While Bangladesh has been in impressive form and is creeping up on the best teams.


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