How to Sell Your Yorkshire Home Fast in 2021


Selling your home can be a complicated task combined with overwhelming feelings,  especially for those who are new to the world of buying and selling property. With the Yorkshire property market more buoyant than ever, we’re sharing the top tips to get your house sold as fast as possible! 


First impressions last. Share why you love your home with potential buyers and spruce up the interior and exterior. Ensure to declutter the property to give potential buyers a blank canvas to envision how they could use the space rather than seeing signs of your personality everywhere. The exterior should be well maintained being the first glimpse buyers will have of the property. Ensure the front lawn and garden are well kept and presentable. 

Price your home right

Overpriced homes scare away potential buyers. Do some research on how much your house is worth based on market activity. Competitive prices can result in prices above the asking price.  Review recent sales of similar homes in your area to get an idea of how you should price your home. Examine the sale prices for homes with similar square footage, bedroom and bathroom count, and lot size to help price your property. If you’re looking to sell your house fast, for cash and in a timeframe to suit you, there are a number of Cash House Buyers that can facilitate this. This allows you to sell without any external costs (i.e solicitor fees and estate agent fees), meaning you can sell and relocate in sometimes as little as 7 days. 

Storage space

Storage space is very important to buyers and. Leave enough space and neatly organise what’s left to give the impression of ample storage. Buyers will definitely peek so ensure they are clean and tidy. Whether it’s young families looking to upsize or busy business professionals, the illusion of more space in a property is often welcomed. 

Advertise online

Many home buyers head to online platforms when searching for a home. It would help to advertise online to reach a larger market.  During the colder winter days and this pandemic climate, buyers might be more hesitant to view properties in person.  Take great photographs to help your listing stand out. When taking photos, include the interior and exterior and make the photos as appealing as possible. 

Write a great listing description

Once you have chosen a listing price the next step is to create a listing description that will aid you to sell your house faster. The listing should include all the essentials, such as the location, price, and the number of rooms overall. It is also important to highlight any improvements, such as a new roof or water heater. You should aim to highlight your home’s best features when doing a listing description, using effective keywords that will stand out to buyers. Include anything that makes your neighbourhood desirable, like the school district, proximity to public transportation, or local restaurants and parks. 


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