Are Movers Permitted to Move Things that are not Boxed?

Are Movers Permitted to Move Things that are not Boxed main

Moving can be very stressful, therefore when you are preparing for a local or long-distance move, you may consider hiring a moving company to manage the process. A professional team will take care of all tasks including packing your belongings. Since there is a wide array of objects that need to be moved, the main question is, will movers move things that are not packed in boxes?

Do moving experts move unboxed items?

The answer to this may be a positive or negative response as it all depends on the kind of item that needs to be packed and relocated. Moving companies have different rules and policies so it’s important to get familiar with these policies. In addition, certain items don’t have to be boxed but they may require special cushioning to protect them while in transit.

Factors to consider when packing personal belongings

When preparing an item for a relocation, it is important to consider certain factors:

  • Fragility
  • Size
  • Weight
  • Age

Some people may opt-out of using boxes in the hopes of saving some cash. However, damages caused because items were not boxed or protected are more expensive than hiring movers to use boxes. With years of experience on their hands, movers know the type of items that ought to be boxed.

In examining the inventory of a client, experienced movers take into account the above factors and present the client with the checklist of packing supplies and materials they’ll use for each item.

Items that don’t need to be boxed

Large or oddly-shaped items cannot be boxed, however, it is essential to wrap them properly to safeguard their surfaces. Most experienced movers do not pack the items listed below:

  • Bedframes
  • Night tables
  • Large pieces of furniture
  • Chairs and cushions
  • Patio furniture
  • Bicycles
  • Rugs
  • Gardening equipment and tools

To avoid damage, use bubble wrap or plastic wrap to protect the edges. For items that need to be dismantled, small things such as screws and nuts can be stored in cardboard boxes.

Are Movers Permitted to Move Things that are not Boxed

Can moving experts refuse to relocate unpacked objects?

It’s recommended to contact the moving company to get precise information and more details about their general and insurance policies. However, in most cases, moving teams move all items in cardboard boxes. Objects that have not been boxed can also be protected with blankets or other soft cushions.

What items can be boxed?

The following objects must be wrapped and placed in cardboard boxes:

  • Electronics and home appliances
  • Jewelry
  • Artworks
  • Kitchenware and kitchen utensils
  • Mirrors
  • Glassware
  • Fragile table tops

One of the best packaging options for unusually-shaped and delicate items is to create custom wooden crates.

Packing materials and supplies used to prepare customer’s personal belongings

The process of putting the personal belongings of customers in cardboard boxes of various sizes requires tact and skill. Thus, professional moving companies always have an extensive range of tools and packing materials to use:

  • Heavy-duty tapes
  • Waterproof labels and markers
  • Packaging paper
  • Plastic wraps
  • Bubble wrap sheets and rolls

The cost of packing materials is often included in the final cost. Based on the selected moving service, every customer has the chance to get a no-cost quote from their preferred moving company’s website, for example


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