What Types of Loft Ladders are Available? When is it Worth Opting for Them?

What Types of Loft Ladders are Available When is it Worth Opting for Them

Unused loft space can be successfully converted into an attic to store unnecessary and seasonal household equipment. Such an option requires a solution that provides access to a hatch in the ceiling.

Loft ladders make it possible to safely overcome the difference in height between the usable floor and the non-usable attic. Due to the possibility of folding, this type of construction does not take up any space in the room.

In what situations are loft ladders suitable?

Contrary to what you might think, the loft has an important function in a building. After all, this type of space is ideal for storing unnecessary or seasonal equipment as well as trinkets, books and clothing.

As the loft is located at a height (above the ground floor or usable attic), a solution that allows for safe climbing to the upper level is essential. Using a ladder, in this case, is unwise, as this involves bringing it back and forth. This method of access is also not safe for the building’s users. The use of a fixed staircase, on the other hand, requires a considerable amount of space.

The best solution for connecting the usable floor and the loft is to use a loft ladder. Arrangements of this type can only be unfolded to overcome height, and when folded, they take the form of an aesthetically pleasing hatch in the ceiling structure.

If you are looking for a loft ladder with high-performance characteristics, go to: https://www.fakro.co.uk/loft_ladders/. You will find models of stairs varied, among others, in terms of the method of unfolding, parameters and construction, enabling full adjustment to the existing conditions in the building.

What are the basic types of loft ladders?

Loft ladders are divided primarily by the method of unfolding. Structures of this type generally have a segmented or scissor form. The first type usually consists of three articulated sections. This type of stair is characterised by a relatively large sweep distance and therefore needs a lot of space to be set up. Scissor stairs are more compact, making them suitable even for very small interiors.

Sectional stair models can be made of wood or metal. Scissor variants usually have a metal form. The different types of layout also vary in terms of thermal insulation performance and fire resistance.

Loft ladders are not difficult to install. The additional accessories applied to them enable an efficient installation rate and improve user comfort.

 The possibility of hiding the loft ladder in the ceiling ensures a striking visual effect in the rooms used and does not disturb their layout.


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