Modern Bathroom Design Trends Every Homeowner Should Know

Modern Bathroom Design Trends Every Homeowner Should Know main

British homeowners continue to spend their hard-earned cash on home renovation projects. According to the 2019 UK Houzz & Home Renovation Trends Study, households in the UK are willing to shell out up to £18,000, and a big chunk of this amount goes towards the interior renovations of bathrooms. According to the report, homeowners spend approximately £4,350 to fix their bathrooms and toilets.

Bathroom remodelling ranked second to kitchen renovation expenses, which can often cost up to £10,000. When doing kitchen renovations, homeowners tend to discover some bathroom design features they didn’t realise they needed, and a bathroom redesign is next on the cards. For those planning to turn their outdated bathroom into a more stylish, contemporary one, here are several bathroom decoration trends that can do the trick.

Interesting Tile Patterns And Shapes

Due to the advancement of technology, manufacturers of construction materials can now turn basic tiles into something more interesting. Aside from creating different designs, the latest trends include coming up with fun colours and graphics to decorate an ordinary-looking bathroom. Interior design experts recommend using tiles that emulate rare and precious stones using the latest sophisticated tile technology. This kind of tiling looks great on master suite showers. Aside from rare-looking tiles, hexagon-shaped tiles are also perfect for achieving a unique modern bathroom look. This unique honeycomb-shaped tile option became popular during the 1940s, but it is making a big return in modern flooring design.

Modern Bathroom Design Trends Every Homeowner Should Know bath

Space-Saving Bath Tubs

In recent years, homeowners have elected to remove tubs from their master bathroom to save space. But the latest trend brings back this favourite bathroom fixture. Instead of installing huge, free-standing tubs, homeowners can choose the Japanese tubs called ofuro tubs to fit inside their tiny bathrooms. This type of tub is smaller in size but deeper compared to the standard tub. It also has a bench seat so users can comfortably soak without the tub taking up too much space in the bathroom.

Floating Vanity Area

Building floating vanities is slowly becoming a top choice for achieving a contemporary bathroom look. This option will help provide extra floor space. It also provides the feeling of having an open room layout since there is no chunky cabinet installed on the floor. The area underneath can serve as an extra storage space to keep baskets for toiletry supplies and other accessories. Also, homeowners love this design as they can clean the area underneath the vanity faster than they could standing cabinetry. It means that sanitising the bathroom is faster and less stressful.

Renovating your bathroom can be a fun task: up just need to find a design that suits your needs. If you want to achieve a modern design, it’s simply a case of finding the right inspiration. Discuss your plans with your builders and interior designers to put your vision into reality.


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