How Can Wooden Windows Increase The Value Of Your Home?

Decorative Wooden Windows and Curtains

Buying a property is probably the biggest investment you will make in your lifetime and it stands to reason that you want to be able to add value to your investment. There are many ways that value can be added to a property, such as: installing a new kitchen, or a new bathroom, or adding an extension and increasing the square footage. One way of adding value to a property is the installation of energy-efficient timber windows. If you are thinking of replacing old windows, select the replacement windows wisely as they can affect if and how much value they add to your house.

Choose The Window Material Wisely

Windows are one of the most vital parts of a house, so if your windows are old and inefficient they need to be replaced. There are various materials available for new replacement windows including uPVC, aluminium and wood. Consider carefully before you choose, what would suit the house the best and at the same time be attractive and functional. Each of the different types has its own pros and cons, you could be tempted to go with the economical choice and replace your existing windows with double glazed energy efficient uPVC. In this situation new is not always better, uPVC may actually decrease the value of your home, rather than increase it

Keeping true to your property style
When you sell your home the first impression that buyers get is of the exterior, so it is important that your windows make a favourable lasting impression.
It has been reported that buyers have been found to be very sensitive when it comes to a property’s windows, especially in period houses. So if you have replaced old wooden windows with new plastic windows, you can significantly decrease the value of your house. Well-designed, quality, properly installed timber windows can increase the value of the property; if they add to the exterior appearance and suit the style of the house.

How Can Wooden Windows Increase The Value Of Your Home

Wooden Windows as a Long-Term Investment
Timber Windows London-made are highly sought after and have been a popular choice for decades. They are often the most popular choice when it comes to replacement windows and they can add the maximum value to your property. As long as they are quality windows and installed professionally. As a building material timber has been used for centuries and it has many excellent properties that allow it to be a good material for windows. It is also eco-friendly and a sustainable choice.

Versatility, Durability, Sustainability & Efficiency
Wood is a natural insulator so wooden windows will keep your home warm and energy efficient and save up on your energy bills. Wooden windows will also insulate against external noise keeping your home quiet and peaceful. It is also exceedingly durable, strong and long-lasting, with the proper treatment wood can last for a hundred years. Wood windows are versatile; the wood can be crafted into any style or design, can be varnished or stained for a natural finish or can be painted any colour that you can imagine. Wooden  windows will create a high-end aesthetic for your property that other window materials can’t touch.


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