Eco-sustainable Family; is it Possible to Go Green with Children?


Many families have their garbage cans filled to the brim with way too many bags of trash. A look inside and one may find a bunch of old clothes. The waste clothes end up polluting the environment eventually. Luckily, a new wave of eco-sustainable families is on the rise to reduce the amount of waste brought about by clothing made of non-biodegradable material. The next time you go shopping online for baby boy clothes or getting your daughter a princess doll for her birthday, consider eco-friendlier options. 

Reasons to shop sustainably for kids: 

Sustainable clothes are biodegradable

Natural fibers break down and are biodegradable. When your baby boy clothes get worn out, it is reassuring to know that they will break down eventually. Sustainable clothing is also child-friendly since many natural and sustainable fabrics are moisture-wicking, antibacterial and hypoallergenic.  When it comes to household practices, using eco friendly laundry detergent can significantly contribute to reducing your environmental impact. It’s a small change that can make a big difference.

Sustainable clothing is safe

Most mainstream brands often contain potentially harmful chemical compounds. There are more than 8,000 synthetic chemicals used in the clothing we wear every day. The chemicals can damage the skin and cause other hazards. Avoiding clothes with these chemicals helps in keeping the environment clean. It also helps to keep your children safe and healthy.  

It Enhances the love for nature

Focusing on sustainable options can promote your Child’s love for nature. Sustainability also provides an opportunity for them to interact with the environment at a young age. You can teach them about the benefits of buying and using sustainable products. Such early lessons about the environment can be game-changers. They mold children and motivate them to take care of their surroundings. 

Helps keep the environment clean

Using disposable diapers create a lot of waste. Cloth diapers are a good alternative. Washcloths also offer a sustainable solution instead of baby wipes. They are eco-friendly options. They help reduce the waste materials in our garbage cans while keeping our children safer and healthier. 

It is cost effective

Kids can go through two or three outfits a day, especially during potty training. That means you might end up shopping at the mall for those baby boy clothes more often than you desire. It can be very costly. However, sustainable clothing offers an alternative. You can find affordable second-hand clothes. Targeting products of natural fibers like organic cotton that are environmentally friendly and cheap is prudent. 


Presently many initiatives have helped people open their minds and realize that they can do better for future generations. Simple things like buying reusable bags for your shopping conserve the environment. Sustainability is all about choosing our practices to make the world a better place for our kids to grow up in the future. 

Shopping for more brands that focus on producing more ethical and eco-conscious clothes for kids is a critical step. It also promotes the rise and growth of brands that focus on sustainable clothing. By choosing brands that care about the environment, fair wages and sustainable materials, our future generations are in safe hands. 


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