5 Ways to Entertain Your Kids Outdoors

5 Ways to Entertain Your Kids Outdoors

Kids of all ages seem to have unrivalled energy reserves, and love bouncing around the house.

Sometimes it might be hard to keep up but tapping into your inner child has never been easier than with these five proven ways to keep your kids entertained outdoors.

1. Outdoor Games

There are endless options for outdoor games to keep kids entertained. Shops such as John Lewis have a huge variety of games such as Waterproof Dobble, Swingball, Boules, Badminton and Rounders.

You could put together a Sports Day with your children, complete with chocolate coins for medals, or pick one sport and hold a championship with a scoreboard. For kids with a competitive streak, this is a winner for sure.

2. Water Sports

It’s well-known that most kids tend to love playing in water, even when they’re older! (Maybe it’s something to do with making a mess…)

For summery days, fill up some water balloons, a paddling pool and some water guns and create a water war. The most soaked person by the end of the game is the loser, but make sure you have a change of clothes at the ready, and possibly a soapy bath for the younger ones!

For a messier activity, wear some shabbier clothes, fill up balloons and water guns with water-based paint. The brighter the paint, the better! You could even keep the paint-patterned t-shirts as a memory.

3. Go on a Scooter Ride

Scooters have been around for years, and most of us will have owned or ridden one at some point. For kids and adults who are young at heart, there are models like the 3 wheeled wiggle scooters by Yvolution.

Wiggle, or Fliker scooters have a unique design enables you to propel the scooter forwards by moving your body from side to side, meaning that you can also perform stunts like wheelies and 360-degree spins on them, perfect for competitive races and competitions between families.

Additionally transporting them in the car is easy too, as they fold up for space-saving storage.

5 Ways to Entertain Your Kids Outdoors treasure hunt

4. Make an Obstacle Course

An Obstacle Course is a cheap and easy way to tire your kids out, and you can build one practically anywhere in your garden or your local park. You can use hula hoops, rope, boxes, space hoppers, you name it!

The possibilities are endless, and you can invite friends along to make up teams. Time each team as they navigate the course, and award prizes for the fastest.

5. Treasure Hunt

A treasure hunt is a great activity for rainy days as well as the hot weather.

Boil some eggs and hide them around the garden or in the house (bonus points for decorating them beforehand). Go hunting for the eggs and then swap them for prizes.

If you’re entertaining older children or teenagers, you could also try your hand at Geocaching – download the app, create an account and record the Geocaches you find. Many are often hidden in plain sight in cities as well as in the countryside.

Do you have any tips for entertaining kids outdoors? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!


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