Why are Electric Vehicles Becoming More Popular?

Why are Electric Vehicles Becoming More Popular main

The last few years have seen something of a revolution in the automotive industry, with, traditional petrol engines slowly disappearing from showrooms, and battery electric vehicles (BEVs) becoming a common sight on Britain’s roads. According to sales data from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, there was a 35% year-on-year uptick in BEV sales in 2022. The percentage change in overall market share was even larger, at 48.8%. This is during a period where sales of petrol and diesel cars have either stagnated or declined.

So, what’s driving this trend? And what’s the appeal of the electric car? Let’s take a look.

Environmental concerns

Motorists are increasingly concerned about the damage that their driving habits are wreaking on the natural world. While there’s a significant environmental cost associated with building a battery in the first place, after a certain number of miles, the battery electric vehicle makes for the superior choice.

Lower running costs

Electric cars are vastly more efficient than the equivalent internal-combustion-engine vehicle. This makes them the more affordable option for anyone doing a lot of driving. They also tend to be cheaper to service, thanks to a lack of complex moving parts, and to tax, thanks to favourable rates designed to incentivise low-emission cars. You might also shop for specific electric car insurance policies which reflect the lower risks of driving an electric car.

Why are Electric Vehicles Becoming More Popular

Government funding

We should give special mention to the government support available for early adopters. If you’re worried about the cost of installing a charging point on your driveway, then you might consider some of the schemes offered by the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles. While owners of most properties won’t be able to have their charging point subsidised any more, there are still incentives on offer for workplaces. More generally, more and more investment is going into public charge points – so, as the industry shifts in this direction, it should become easier and easier to find a place to plug in.

Better driving experience

Electric vehicles are functionally superior to petrol and diesel in a number of ways. They’re quieter, they offer more power more quickly, and they also tend to be more comfortable and safer. The only potential safety concern stems from the possibility of the battery catching fire – but the likelihood of this happening is small, and should be fairly compared to the multitude of things that can go wrong with a petrol engine.


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