The Role of Technology in Modern Premises Safety

Role of Technology in Modern Premises Safety 1

Technology has firmly cemented its place in premises safety. From keeping out intruders to protecting your online systems, there isn’t an aspect of your workplace that cannot be enhanced by security technology.

If you own a garage, for example, you will want to keep your tools and records safe. Although technological systems are great, they are not infallible so it is worth making sure your premises insurance is up to date.

Surveillance systems

Surveillance systems have become incredibly high-tech. From AI-driven analytics to high-resolution cameras, they are a great way to observe and respond to real-time security threats.

Remote monitoring through one of these systems allows you to view your premises at any time, day or night. Most systems will have a motion detector, so you will get an alert if anything triggers the high-resolution cameras such as an intruder. Some surveillance systems will automatically start recording if something does trip the system.

Most systems come with a way to record and store footage as well, so if anything does require you to look back at the cameras you easily can. This is especially useful if you need to involve the police for a break-in or theft as you can provide them with clear evidence.

Role of Technology in Modern Premises Safety

Access control

Controlling who can enter your premises prevents any unauthorised access from occurring. There are a number of different ways to achieve access control.

You may want to install keyless entry points at all doors. This may come in the form of a swipe card or a smart lock programmed with access for your staff members. Key cards, however, can be lost or stolen from your employees and access can still be granted.

Although keycards can be misused, they will still log which card has entered the building. This, combined with a surveillance system, would allow you to pinpoint who entered your premises and when.

Cybersecurity measures

Your online systems should be as protected as your physical premises. Cyberwarfare is a real issue but there are plenty of ways to protect yourself.

Firewalls are a great starting point as they determine whether to allow or block online traffic based on some security rules. Therefore, staff members will have access but the firewall with block anyone else.

Encryption is another layer of defence you can install. This system hides your data and unencrypts it when someone legitimate has access. There are messaging services such as WhatsApp that use this program when you are simply texting other people. It means that no one can view what you are sending or storing unless you authorise it.

However you choose to protect your premises it is worth combining multiple systems to make sure your work and assets are as safe as possible.


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