How Long Does it Take to Have Documents Notarized in the UK?

How Long Does it Take to Have Documents Notarized in the UK

Who is a notary public? Well, a notary public is a person who serves the general public on issues that are not contentious in law. These are issues that have to do with finances, foreign and international business, signing of documents, estates, deeds, and so on. As such, a Notary Public in Walthamstow & Woodford officer can come in handy for you when you need these kinds of services.

Do I need a notary?

Well, one must get the services of notaries since this is the best way to have documents certified and have such certification trusted abroad. The additional training that notaries receive makes them better experts in this role. When a notarized document is received abroad, you get greater reassurance from the recipient that the document is indeed adequately authenticated.

What does one need to become a public notary?

To become a notary in the United Kingdom, one needs to be a lawyer and their work needs to be recognized internationally. These are more than solicitors and their work entails the preparation of documents as well as authenticating the identities of client’s documents so they can be used abroad. A public notary will also identify and verify the signatures of clients so they can be used for travel abroad, business needs, and so on.

Now, for one to become a notary public in the UK, there are several qualifications they need to have. For one to become a notary public in the UK, there are 3 stages one needs to pass through before becoming qualified. There is the academic training part, the professional training, and the appointment.

Academic training part

For you to become a recognized notary, you need to cover eight prescribed subjects. You need to show evidence that you studied these subjects when you took the degree or diploma in Law studies. These are subjects such as; The law of Property, Conveyance, Public and Constitutional Law, The law of Contract, Wills Probate and Administration, The Law of The European Union, the Law and Practice of Partnerships and Companies, and so on.

Professional Training

After one is done with the academic training, they then need to undertake a two-year course in Notarial Practice. The course has both theory and practical parts and this means one has to enroll at a suitable college.

How Long Does it Take to Have Documents Notarized in the UK office


Before one makes an application to become a notary public, they need to have undertaken the following courses and need to have these qualifications:

· Certificate of good conduct and fitness
· Certificate of completion of a course in Notarial Practice
· You should have completed an office practice course
· You should have a background check done on you
· You should be fully insured. Remember you are bound by practice rules just like in other professions such as solicitors and accountants.

What do Notaries do?

This is another question that people may ask regarding notaries public. Well, notaries offer many services to their clients, especially the commercials ones. Commercial firms that are engaged in international trade, will be happy to note that notaries offer their services to them. The same case applies to private entities engaged in international trade. They offer services such as:

· For those who need to have powers of attorney to be used abroad.
· For those buying or selling land abroad.
· For people abroad, public notaries help administer the estate or property held abroad. As they provide the right documents for this purpose.
· They authenticate personal documents for people who want to travel abroad.

How long does it take to have documents notarized in the UK?

The process of notarization will depend on some factors. The kind of document one needs to have notarized as well as if the documents need to be signed in a specific way. Most of the notaries offer appointments as well as walk-in services. It is also possible for some of the notaries to come to your office and offer their services there. They can also go to homes and any other locations where one may be available.

For those who choose the appointment, they will be asked to complete a client registration form. All the necessary ID requirement checks are done. After such checks are done and completed, your documents will be notarized in 15 to 30 minutes. Once you have paid the necessary fees, your notarized documents are scanned and sent to you through email for your records.

For the people who need Apostille or consular regularization process, they would normally be asked to leave their documents with the notaries and get notified once such services are offered.


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