Cannabis Use and UK Law

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Increasingly, the medical benefits of cannabis are being realised. It is now possible for a medical doctor in the UK to prescribe cannabis to treat certain conditions if there is no pharmaceutical alternative. Research in this area continues at a pace. With each year, new research comes to light often showing marijuana in a positive light.

Due to restrictions on cannabis for medical purposes, many are growing their own, purchasing equipment and marijuana seeds from suppliers such as Seedsman despite the risk from falling foul of the law.

If you or a family member is suffering from a horrible condition, you may have considered cultivating your own crop. Before you start hunting medical marijuana seeds for sale online, it is a good idea to take a deeper dive into cannabis and the law as it currently stands.

Cannabis and the Law

To grow your own cannabis legally, you have to apply for a licence. This can be found on the Home Office website, and you need to complete the MD 29 form. The form is fairly extensive, and fees are involved. Currently, it costs £580 initially, and every 12 months an annual £126 fee is charged.

Medical use of marijuana tends to have high quantities of cannabidiol or CBD. This part of the drug has no psychoactive properties and has been found to bring pain relief and reduces the frequency of seizures.

Cannabis Use and UK Law advice

The licenses that are issued are for strictly medical purposes. It is still illegal to grow, take, or supply cannabis for recreational use. Repeat offenders often go to prison, and that is not something you want to experience.

Medical Contradictions

There is an irony to using and prescribing medical cannabis facing UK medical doctors. As a doctor can only prescribe the drug if there is no pharmaceutical alternative, this imposes a limitation on when medical cannabis can be used to treat patient conditions. Yet, the biggest exporter of medical marijuana in the world is the UK.

To compound issues further, medical cannabis has not been licensed by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE). Their role is to decide what drugs can be used within the NHS. This often results in a doctor wanting to prescribe the drug to treat a condition, but as it is unavailable on the NHS the patient often can’t get hold of it. This absurd situation results in the patient prescribed pharmaceutical drugs that do not work, incurring a cost to the taxpayer.

The patients’ condition is effectively untreated, and they still suffer unless they can source the drug elsewhere. Often at risk of falling foul of the law.

Currently, cannabis use and UK law do not support the patient. Together with absurd, arguably hypocritical regulations remaining in force, many will resort to growing their own to get relief for their conditions. Fortunately, getting hold of the seeds to grow your own is not that difficult with good quality seeds obtainable online.

If you or your family need cannabis to treat a medical condition, this may be the only option left open to you.


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