How to Impress in a Job Interview

How to Impress in a Job Interview tipsHow to Impress in a Job Interview tips

The interview is when the employer decides whether or not you are a good fit for the job. It is your moment to impress, remember the first impression counts so make sure that your handshake is nice and firm and you look your interviewer in the eye.

Looking for a new job and the interview process can seem very intimidating. It need not be, here are a few simple tips and guidelines to follow and the job will be yours.

1. Wearing the right attire is fundamental

Interviews just like jobs have evolved over the years. While the basic shirt, jacket, and trousers look can still hold its own, in a more competitive world, you need to stand out from the crowd, all while looking like a consummate professional. Try this amazing New Look promo code and invest in some fantastic workwear and interview clothes. They have a wonderful range that looks great and you won’t have to compromise on your originality. Small details like a subtle but coloured pair of shoes with a plain black dress or their Olive Suedette Belted Mac are the details that will help you be noticed. If the job is creative, then maybe you can add detail such as a statement necklace.

2. Read the job description and what type of person they are looking for carefully

Make sure that you have the skills that they are looking for and show them examples of said skills. Using stories, not anecdotes, of examples of how you used these skills in real life or in another job are great ways of showing them what you are capable of. Use the STAR method when you are preparing these examples. This stands for S – the situation that you had to resolve or deal with, T- the task that you were dealt, A – the action you took, and R – what the result of your actions was and most importantly what you learned from the experience. Take a sneak peek at this web-site for tips on getting the resume right.

3. Fail to prepare and prepare to fail

Never walk into an interview without knowing anything about the company. Look at their website and see what products or services they have. Future plans may be described on their site if so you could tell them how you could fit into these plans.

How to Impress in a Job Interview work

4. Utilise LinkedIn to find out more

Use sites such as LinkedIn to see who is interviewing you and what they have achieved in their career, you should ask them questions about how they got to this position later on. It is also a handy tool to see if maybe there are some of your college alumni at the company. Read up as much as you can on the company and its employees. Maybe one of their employees has achieved something of note with the company, it could be useful to mention this and talk about how you admire them. If you could be useful to the company in this same way, don’t fail to mention it.

5. Don’t be tardy

Always give yourself ample time to get there. Before going into the interview, try and give yourself enough time to go to the bathroom and have one last look in the mirror, straighten your dress or shirt, make sure there is no lipstick on your teeth and that your hair is smoothed down. These simple tips may seem inane, but they are rudimentary. Make sure that your hands are not sweaty, dry them thoroughly first. Remember to turn off your telephone, you will most likely not get the job if your phone rings during the interview.

6. Give a good firm handshake

Don’t be too strong, just enough to show confidence. Then when you sit down, remember to sit with a straight back, do not slump into the chair, sit straight and maintain eye contact with the interviewer. Remember to smile as it shows positivity. Always prepare two or three questions to ask at the end of the interview as this shows enthusiasm for the job. It also shows that you have done your research and are interested in the company and your potential role there.

Take a look at this article from the balance careers as it gives some quick and easy foolproof tips on how to give the best interview to get the job of your dreams.


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