How to Manage Your Money in the Digital Age

How to Manage Your Money in the Digital Age main

It can often be difficult to save our pennies for when times are tough, and it seems that economic advice changes daily, however, there are a few simple steps you can take to make it a little easier day-to-day.

Do your research

Arguably the most important part of managing your finances is creating a budget. If you take the time to create a realistic budget based on your income and what you actually need to spend money on then you will not only feel more in control, but you will find that your spending habits will improve because you are having to evaluate them regularly. It is important to learn how to do it properly and thankfully there is a lot of advice online, including how-to guides and tips on how to budget effectively. It is also important to use the technology at your fingertips to research different banks and account types so that you are using what is most appropriate for your needs. The same goes for shopping, for example, if you take some time to look at supermarket prices online, you can choose where to do your weekly shop for the best price. There is a lot of information out there and it will help to get you started.

Use your apps!

It has never been easier to take care of your finances thanks to the onslaught of banking and budgeting apps. Most large UK banks have an app that lets you keep an eye on your bank balance and they often offer other services too, such as First Direct, a Yorkshire-based financial service, is updating their mobile app to include a personal budgeting service. Banking apps can also be used to find deals and savings, and if you seek them out, you can often get discounts, bonuses and exclusive offers.

How to Manage Your Money in the Digital Age finance

One of the most helpful features on many sites and apps is comparisons, which allow consumers to find the best deals on what they want. The app Bean, for iOS and Android, tracks your outgoing payments, such as gym memberships, and offers comparisons at different price points. This is hugely important for customers and this type of service is increasingly popular across many industries, from energy bills to recreational gaming, for example, keen online gamers can find guides and comparisons on different casino games sourced from bonusfunder uk. Being savvy when it comes to comparing the best deals is essential to staying on budget in the long run.

Leverage Savings with Discount Codes

In the quest for financial prudence, another effective tool in your arsenal should be discount code websites. Sites like offer an array of discount codes and vouchers that can significantly cut costs on various goods and services. Before making any online purchase, it’s worth taking a moment to search for a discount code – you might be surprised at how much you can save with just a few clicks. These sites are regularly updated, providing current deals that make your budget stretch further. From clothing and electronics to travel and utilities, ensuring you never miss out on a deal can be as simple as signing up for alerts from discount code websites. Embracing this habit not only aids in managing your money more effectively, but also transforms your spending into a more cost-effective experience.

Watch what you eat

This is something that many of us, particularly those living in the city, or with time-consuming jobs are guilty of. Ordering food. It’s convenient and tasty and super satisfying when you’ve had a tiring day and can’t be bothered to cook. However, it can do some serious damage to our wallets, so the main advice here is simply to keep an eye on it. Enjoying a takeaway should become a treat, an every-so-often reward, rather than a regularity. Some people find it helpful to remove food delivery apps from their phones, so the temptation is reduced, and some people find it better to meal prep for the week ahead, which means that they can still have convenient meals ready for them at home, without the cost.

Essentially tech can make saving your pennies a lot easier but the convenience of apps can also get in the way when you’re trying to rein in your spending. So, why not have a clear-out of your mobile menu and make sure you only have what you really need, to streamline your finances and boost those savings.


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