Why You Should Consider Having an Adults-Only Wedding

Why You Should Consider Having an Adults-Only Wedding (2)

When you’re planning your wedding, a whole whirlwind of things hits you. Are you going to have a destination wedding or something closer to home? What’s the aesthetic? What are the theme colours? What’s going to be the flavour of the cake? What’s the playlist? What’s the live entertainment? These questions aren’t even the tip of the iceberg, either! In general, there’s just so much to think about during a wedding; it’s mind-blowing in a way, well, in an exhausting manner.

Well, with that said, there’s the guest list, too. Who do you want to be at your wedding? How many people? In fact, one decision that couples often grapple with is whether to invite children to their wedding. While including children can add a sense of innocence and joy to the celebrations, there are many reasons why you might choose to have an adult-only wedding.

Besides, just think about it for a moment: There’s always the chance of interruptions during the wedding ceremony, maybe a lot of crying. You have to accommodate, or else the parents will be mad, and you’re probably going to be spending even more money than you originally anticipated. So, why not make it child-free? They’re getting more popular, too, which is a good reason. So, with that all said, here’s exactly why you should consider having an adults-only wedding!

Control Cost

Let’s be honest – weddings can be expensive, and every additional guest adds to the overall cost of the event. Even the snacks and entertainment for the kids can really add up. So, just by having an adults-only wedding, you can control costs and stick to your budget more easily, as you won’t have to factor in the expenses associated with children, such as meals, entertainment, and childcare.

Why You Should Consider Having an Adults-Only Wedding (1)

Wedding Favours are Easier

When it comes to wedding favours, the couples are expected to also cater to the child. Sometimes, it can be as simple as cookies, but it also depends on how many kids there are and their ages. But if it’s adults only, you don’t have to be too cautious on what you’re getting. Basically, you don’t need to think of age ranges for wedding favours. Seriously, it can be as simple as just giving out personalised champagne bottles to all the guests, and that is enough. That clearly doesn’t fly if kids will be present.

No Distractions

While kids are cute, they steal the spotlight, and it’s not always in a good way. While you’re exchanging vows, do you really want to hear a toddler throw a tantrum? It’s not only going to upset you but basically everyone in the room. It’s just a big distraction, not only during the ceremony but also during the reception. The focus remains solely on the couple, even if it’s just adults.

Potential for a More Sophisticated Wedding

If you want a more refined wedding, then this is how you do it, being child-free. It’s just far easier to create a more sophisticated and elegant atmosphere for your celebration. The event itself will be easier to suit the tastes of adults when children aren’t present- such as the food and entertainment.


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