Add Whimsy To Your Special Day With A Few Selected Yorkshire Traditions

Add Whimsy To Your Special Day With A Few Selected Yorkshire Traditions main

A lot of time and effort goes into planning a wedding from picking the perfect engagement rings to finding the right venue. Although not all of the more than 240,000 couples who say ‘I Do’ across England and Wales every year have what is considered to be a traditional wedding, many do. While weddings are typically steeped in traditions and superstitions, an increasing number of couples try to steer clear of antiquated wedding traditions… but there are a few that are just too hard to ditch. Although some wedding customs are celebrated across the UK and the rest of the world, there are others that are unique to the Yorkshire region. Let’s have a look at just three wedding traditions that can add value to your special day.

Ring bearers have a reputation for being astonishingly cute

Of all the wedding traditions involving wedding rings, having a ring bearer is probably the most common. The ring member is generally a younger male family member or someone who is close to the bridal couple. The ring is carried on a special cushion and delivered to the best man or wedding officiant. In recent times, many couples have put their own personal spin on the ring bearer tradition. While some couples opt for the ring bearer to ride down the aisle on a tricycle or even do cartwheels, animal lovers often entrust their beloved canine companions with the important task at hand.

Add Whimsy To Your Special Day With A Few Selected Yorkshire Traditions bouquet

The bouquet toss has an interesting history

Although not specifically a Yorkshire tradition, the tossing of the bridal bouquet is a tradition that did originate in England. The tradition dates back to the 15th century, when wedding guests would attempt to tear off pieces of the bride’s hair, flowers or dress in order to have some of her luck passed on to them. As some wedding guests had a habit of getting very rowdy, the tradition was forced to evolve, and the bride simply started tossing her bouquet to the guests before rushing away. Today, all the single ladies gather together as the bride tosses the bouquet in their direction. Whoever catches it is believed to be next in line to get married.

Untying the lynch gate is a fun tradition

One of the most common Yorkshire wedding traditions is the untying of the lynch gate. As the couple walks down the church’s pathway after the ceremony, they will get to a tied lynch gate. The groom will proceed to throw out a handful of coins for local children before he retrieves a pocket knife and proceeds to cut the tie on the gate. By doing so, the newly-weds can exit the church grounds. The tradition was born when village children started tying up the church gate, demanding to be paid before cutting the knot and allowing the newlyweds to pass. Today, the tying of the gate typically gets done by the groomsmen. Many couples now create social media events and spread the word that local children should wait outside the gate and request payment on their wedding day.

There are countless wedding traditions that can be incorporated into your special day. Even if you are planning a very modern ceremony, a tradition or two could add a beautiful, whimsical touch to your Yorkshire nuptials.


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