Seven Sneaky Causes of “Quaranskin”, How To Deal With Them

Seven Sneaky Causes of “Quaranskin”, How To Deal With Them main

Has your skin condition only gotten worse in the thick of the COVID19 era? You’re not alone! With all the unforeseeable things that brought us into a bewildering flat spin, skincare routines have probably submerged to the bottom line of our priority lists. And before we knew it, the breakout had gone too far. As if a global crisis wasn’t enough for us to handle, many people also have to deal with certain skin issues during quarantine or “quaranskin”, as we like to call it.

At the beginning of the pandemic, the main goal was to isolate ourselves, wash our hands obsessively, and get a whole stash of food and essentials to help survive the hibernation. One would think that staying at home could give our skin some much-needed break from makeup, extreme sun exposure, pollution, and other environmental stressors, so why is our skin suddenly rebelling? Zits never really healed like they were supposed to, while pre-existing skin issues like eczema and psoriasis only got even worse.

The worst part is that after doing all those beauty routines and facing the mirror, begging those skin troubles to just go away and leave us alone, not a bit seems to change, and it’s not getting any better week after week. Frustrating, isn’t it?

In case you find yourself in the same position, know that there are certain reasons why our skin may be acting a little weird and unpredictable these days. Although this quarantine has deprived us of so many skin stressors out there, some newfound reasons inside the house could be the ones to blame for this despicable quaranskin.


The mere fact that we’re in the midst of a pandemic is what bounds us to increase our stress levels. There’s no escaping that when our body gets stressed out, it releases an increased level of cortisol. It’s a type of bodily hormone that is responsible for stimulating oil production, which, in turn, causes terrible acne breakouts.

If you think your stress levels are way too much to handle, adding cannabidiol (CBD) to your daily diet might be an ideal way to help you find a sense of comfort and relaxation. CBD is famed for its natural therapeutic properties, all without any intoxication. It helps boost your endocannabinoid system, whose role is to promote overall balance in the body. A well-balanced level of hormones is essential to keep your organs functioning at their best, keeping you safe from the day-to-day stresses. To reap its promising positive effects, you can try out CBD oil gummies, oral sprays, capsules or various infused topicals.

Sleep Deprivation

Lots of factors can influence your sleeping patterns, such as stressful life events, irregular sleep schedules, inactive lifestyle, and more free time for binge-watching. Now that you spend most of your time at home, it becomes much easier to set sleep aside to make the best of the day. However, not getting enough sleep can not only worsen your skin conditions but can also weaken your body’s immune system. Making a few tweaks in your sleep habits and dealing with the factors that may be associated with sleep deprivation can help restore a good night’s sleep.

Seven Sneaky Causes of “Quaranskin”, How To Deal With Them screen

Too Much Screen Exposure

Ever since you’ve been inside, smartphones and TVs have probably become your best companions and sources of entertainment that help rescue you from the dullness of life at home. Connecting with your loved ones has also pushed you to spend more time on the phone. If you haven’t heard yet, there’s a type of skin irritation called acne mechanica that is formed when you always keep your phones up against your cheeks for a few hours. The heat sensation that you might feel from your phones releases blue-light friction, which triggers acne breakout.

Try using earphones when making a call to prevent direct skin contact with your phone. Screen surfaces can also accumulate dirt and bacteria from your hands, so make sure you clean your devices properly before and after use.

Poor Diet

Too much consumption of sugar and carbohydrates is another culprit to blame for persistent acne breakouts. Admit it or not, delectable (and unhealthy!) food cravings have probably become your main comfort zones since the start of the pandemic. However, the drastic change in your diet could be one of the reasons why your skin is suddenly misbehaving. Ergo, it’s best to undo your poor eating habits if you really want to get your skin back to its normal state. Be sure to include foods rich in fibre, vitamins A and E, and antioxidants in your daily diet, as these are thought to be beneficial for the skin. Since every skin is different, always consider any food sensitivities you might have when experimenting with your diet.

Excessive Use of Face Masks

Face masks are, no doubt, our best armours against the virus—alongside vaccination and a healthy lifestyle routine. However, new studies suggest that prolonged face mask use may result in several skin issues, ranging from acne breakouts to skin dryness and irritation. Since we’re living in a world where face coverings are a critical necessity, make sure your washable masks are clean before your use them. Never wear makeup underneath your mask since cosmetics can cause skin irritation to some people due to oil buildup caused by in-closed heat.

Failure to Apply Sunscreens at Home (Really!)

Just because you stuck yourself indoors does not mean you’re not supposed to wear sunscreens. Ultraviolet (UV) rays can still pass through your windows, not to mention the damaging blue light from your television and smartphones. That’s why applying sunscreens while you are inside the house is essential to help protect your skin from heavy exposures to UV rays and blue light.

Constant face and hand washing

Excessive washing of the face and hands can strip your skin of its own natural oils, thereby causing dryness and breakouts. While it’s not necessarily bad to wash your face—because failure to do so isn’t good either—make it a habit to apply moisturisers to your skin after a nice wash. Not only will moisturising help lower the risks of certain skin impurities, but it will also make you feel more radiant and young-looking.


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