Best Teas for Anxiety

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Days are made of pressures in all corners of health including physical, emotional, and mental. This is because of how the world is getting crazier as each day dawns. Stress and anxiety are difficult to manage and running for safety in medication can bring about severe side effects on your body. Let us look at safer and natural ways in tea & coffee that result in relaxation and calmness.

1. Chamomile Tea

You may experience a lack of sleep as a result of stress and anxiety sometimes. Chamomile tea is best to drink in such a situation as it will reduce anxiety and stress as well as treat insomnia. Chamomile tea health benefits include relaxation of the body muscles and reducing irritability. The tasty beverage is made using fresh or dried chamomile flowers infused in hot water.

2. Peppermint Tea

The refreshing aroma and flavor that comes with this tea help to enhance mood and increase relaxation. Drinking this caffeine free tea will help you calm and have an overall muscle relaxation. It is best to drink before bed to help you enjoy a peaceful sleep after a long day. It is not safe for pregnant women to drink as it can lead to forced miscarriage.

3. Green Tea

This type of tea comes with great health benefits including weight loss, reduce anxiety, and blood pressure. Even though green tea does not fall under the category of caffeine free tea, it contains amino acid L-theanine that helps keep your brain alert. A high quality green tea allows you to relax without feeling drowsy.

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4. Lemon Balm Tea

It is easy to make this tea by infusing lemon balm leaves in hot water. It has an invigorating mint and lemon flavor and aroma that boosts your mood and relieves you from stress. Studies show that within an hour or two of consuming Lemon Balm tea, you will experience a fall in anxiety without adverse side effects such as drowsiness.

5. Passionflower Tea

It belongs to the Passiflora family and a great natural remedy for anxiety. Just like chamomile tea, it is best taken at night to induce a night of peaceful sleep. It does not have adverse side effects but it is good to avoid taking passionflower tea if you are under certain medication. You can consult your doctor if you are on any kind of medication before drinking passionflower. Children below 6 months, pregnant and lactating women should not drink this tea.

6. Rose Tea

This is a herbal tea made of Rose petals offering a delicate sweet flavor. It is a great remedy for stress and anxiety by easing the mind. The calming effect that comes with Rose tea makes it excellent tea to drink before bed.

Final Thought

It is best to take Tea & Coffee after some useful activities such as workouts, meditation, or any other stress-relieving activities. Most of these teas decrease the hormones in the nervous system enhancing mood. They help you focus on yourself after a tough day.


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