Fast Track Beauty Tips for Getting Ready in a Rush

Fast Track Beauty Tips for Getting Ready in a Rush main

Even in today’s digitalised society, where trips into space are becoming normal or sites like Bitcoin Prime help trade cryptocurreny like bank notes never even existed, one thing remains the same: nobody wants to go out into the world looking like they’ve just woken up.

We all want to look good and feel good so that we can be confident and do what needs to get done. But the reality is that it is not every morning that you get the time to do a full face beat, maybe because you woke up a little late or have an unexpected early meeting.

Either way, you will still want to look good. If that’s you, this article will give you quick and effective tips that will have you looking effortlessly amazing in the shortest time possible!

Tip #1: Eyes

The eyes are undoubtedly the most attractive facial feature, and if you cater to them, it’s like you’ve catered for your whole face. Here are quick beauty tips for the eyes:

• Eyebrows on fleek – it is easy to set your eyebrows using a tinted brow gel that is the same shade as your natural brow or using a brow pencil to pencil your brows. You can still multitask the brow pencil to create a cat liner flick.
• Depuff- puffy eyes seem to be more visible when you rush, but you can reduce the puffiness using cold metal spoons that you froze the night before. The coldness also allows your foundation or concealer to go on slickly.
• Get eyelash extensions- getting eyelash extensions is basically an investment as they will save you a whole bunch of time, although they may be a bit expensive. These babies remove the need for eyeliner and mascara, and we both know how much time applying these takes.

Tip#2: Lips

If there is only one tip to get your lips looking flawless in a hurry, it’s red lipstick. This lipstick often makes you look like you’ve really put in a lot of thought and effort into your look, even if the only other thing you are wearing is mascara. It just makes you look more awake. Another tip for the lips is making sure to scrub your lips regularly- there is nothing as frustrating as trying to get an even look when applying lipstick on chapped lips. Even if it is not an on-the-go tip, it will certainly save you time when the time comes.

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Tip #3: Face

If you struggle with blemishes or blotchy skin, skipping a face do can make you feel incomplete. But when you are in a rush, foundations can feel heavy and tricky to apply. So instead, opt for a BB cream instead. If you haven’t heard about these game-changers, then you are in for a treat! BB creams (or beauty balms or blemish balms) give you light coverage and can be easily applied using just your fingers.

Also, if you are skipping applying anything on your face, just be sure to apply some concealer under your eyes or on obvious blemishes.

Tip #4: Hair

So you really need to wash your hair in the morning, but you are so late for work, what do you do? Dry shampoo is your best friend here! You only need to spray it on your hair and let it do the magic as you do other stuff to get ready.

If it is completely necessary to actually wash your hair, make sure to wash it in the shower and deal with it last after you are done with everything else. This will give it time to dry by itself and will cut down on drying time.

Generally, always make sure you set a timer as it’s easy to get distracted when trying to perfect your look. The idea is to keep it basic, so if you are in a rush, keep away the eye shadow pallets and contouring brushes for another day – and then maybe even our hectic, digitalised world, where helps trade the cryptos, will look good too!


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