3 of the hottest new beauty treatments to offer in 2024


As a beauty practitioner, you can bet your bottom dollar that plenty of clients will embrace the “new year, new me” spirit when January comes around. Don’t be surprised if you’re inundated with customers old and new hoping to revamp their looks. 

But it doesn’t have to be just your clientele that starts afresh in 2024. Why not join in yourself by turning your hand to some new and exciting beauty treatments? This will not only help to make your venture more fulfilling this new year, but it could also attract new customers looking to treat themselves to a spot of self-care. It’s for this reason that we’ve outlined three of the hottest new beauty trends to offer in 2024, from Emface to hair botox. 

Before we begin though, it’s important to emphasise the importance of having both comprehensive safety protocols and insurance coverage when offering unfamiliar treatments, where the risk of things going wrong is higher. As beauty insurance provider Salon Gold explains: “Insurance protection is vital if a member of the public or a customer sues you for causing them injury or property damage. The costs of this can run tens of thousands of pounds, which, without insurance, you’d need to pay yourself.” 

With the formalities out the way, let’s dive in. 

1. Emface

Emface is a cosmetic procedure that helps to address and reverse ageing skin. It does so via a dedicated device that simultaneously combines HIFES (high-intensity facial electrical stimulation) and radiofrequency (RF) technology. 

HIFES is the use of a high-intensity electromagnetic current to elevate and lift facial tissue. Meanwhile, RF technology uses heat to trigger the production of collagen and elastin, which are proteins that help the skin to maintain elasticity, firmness, and a youthful appearance. 

Offering Emface treatments can help set your business apart considering their ability to effectively and quickly lift, tone, and smooth skin without any downtime or injections for clients. In order to start doing so, you’ll need to invest in an Emface device, which you can do by visiting producer BTL Aesthetics’s website. The device runs independently once the applicators are affixed, meaning no training is required to offer Emface.

2. Hair botox

Hair botox is a cosmetic hair treatment designed to repair and hydrate hair. It’s not to be confused with traditional botox used for wrinkles, however, as hair botox doesn’t contain the botulinum toxin. It instead combines various proteins, vitamins, and amino acids. 

The treatment can offer several advantages for customers, including increased hair shine, improved elasticity, and a sleeker, more manageable texture, all without the use of harsh chemicals. While the effects are not permanent, they can last for several weeks, making hair botox an increasingly popular choice. 

To start offering this treatment, you’ll first need to buy all of the relevant ingredients. Performing the treatment itself is relatively straightforward, and any beautician who regularly provides hair care will also be able to offer hair botox. To do so, wash and dry your client’s hair, apply the hair botox product, and then rinse it out after 30 minutes. Simple stuff.

3. Microblading

Our last recommended treatment to offer is microblading, a semi-permanent tattooing technique designed to eliminate the need for daily eyebrow filling.  

Unlike conventional tattooing, microblading involves using a blade tool to create hair-like incisions in the brow area while depositing the chosen pigment directly into the skin. Results can last anywhere from one to three years, depending on factors like the client’s lifestyle, skin type, and post-treatment care. 

In the UK, becoming a qualified microblading technician involves completing an accredited Level 4 microblading course. Once certified, you can command fees ranging from £300 to £500 per treatment. 


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