Jess Glynne – Live Review – Scarborough Open Air Theatre

Jess Glynne live review Scarborough open air theatre crowd

By @Steve Crabtree, August 2017

When Jess Glynne is on as the last act of the season at Scarborough Open Air theatre, there’s no place I’d rather be. I’ve been lucky enough to visit to this place a few times over the summer, and tonight I’m part of a 7,000 plus crowd here to watch the English singer-songwriter bring the curtain down on a successful 2017 for the venue.

She’s a popular act amongst all ages judging by the people who are here tonight as we make our way to the food and drink area. We’ve got lots of excited teenage girls, many twenty-something couples, and an abundance of mixed groups going right in to their 50s and 60s.

We’ve already had a nice warm up from support acts The Tailormade and Mallally, and it’s just turned 8:45pm. Ms Glynne’s band have taken up their positions, started things off, and there’s a fantastic vibe buzzing all around the place. The dancing is already kicking off in every part of the Open Air Theatre.

Jess Glynne live review Scarborough open air theatre


And then, all of a sudden, there she is. Jess Glynne’s in the middle of the stage, dressed in a shiny, full length cloak-style coat, lapping up wild cheers from a crowd who are in high spirits. She’s straight in to ‘Right Here’ and we’re getting in to a groove that’s going to last for the next 90 minutes.

I’ve entered in to the unexpected a little bit tonight. I’ve liked Jess Glynne’s singles when I’ve heard them come on the radio, but as someone who’s not familiar with very many of her tunes I don’t know what to expect from a live performance. My companion for the evening can’t contain her excitement though, and has assured me that we’re going to be in for an amazing night. To be fair she’s usually right.

Jess Glynne live review Scarborough open air theatre stage

With ‘Don’t Be So Hard on Yourself’, ‘Take Me Home’ and ‘Rather Be’ all playing a major part of this solid set-list, Glynne’s going heavy on the hits tonight. And I have to say that I’m enjoying the lively, exciting, funky and soulful show we’ve got in front of us. Jess Glynne is certainly proving that her live concerts are pretty special.

The set list has its fair share of the softer and slower tunes in there too. In particular, there’s a beautiful rendition of ‘Take Me Home’, which is quite the heart-string-tugger.

“A great night”

The light show is superb too, filling the theatre and adding to the atmosphere. I’m always impressed with the sound, stage and lighting set up at the Open Air Theatre, but tonight it’s on another level. The strobes, effects and LED screens are all doing their bit and adding even more to the night.

After treating us to ‘Ain’t Got Far To Go’ and ‘It Ain’t Right’, Jess Glynne brings the curtain down on the show and the season by performing ‘Hold My Hand’, and absolutely everyone in the Open Air Theatre is dancing in some way, shape or form. It’s an amazing finale on an amazing night.

Jess Glynne live review Scarborough open air theatre band

If I had any thoughts about Jess Glynne being solely a recording artist, I have been proved very wrong tonight, and she’s earned herself a new fan in me. She’s delivered a great night, interacted with the crowd between songs, and I’ve enjoyed every minute. You can see why she’s so well liked, and why she’s regularly picking up awards.

It’s a shame that the season has finished here so early in to the year, but I can safely say this show has ended it on a high. Jess Glynne has been fantastic tonight, and I’ll be making sure that I go and see her again.

images: Cuffe and Taylor


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