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Radiohead-inspired New Zealand indie pop…

What’s the title of your latest release, and what does it mean to you?
My latest release is called ‘Wings’. It’s a song I wrote during lockdown about the movie Her. In lockdown I couldn’t have any interaction with my family or friends and the only communication I had with anyone was through my phone so I essentially wrote a love letter to my phone.

What was the hardest part about putting this release together, and why?
We actually recorded so many parts for the song, we had harps, strings, guitars, synths and double bass on it so my producer Struan and I asked all our friends to play on the song. I wanted the lyrics to feel classic but also Black Mirror-esque so it took a few weeks to settle on the final lyrics.

Who produced the release – what did they bring to it?
Struan Finlay who produces all my music produced ‘Wings’, the previous 2 EPs we definitely have a more bedroom pop sound but towards the end of 2021 I really went through a 90s phase and got into Radiohead, Jeff Buckley and Elliott Smith and I wanted to take a new direction in my music and go more into that world.

What do you want the listener to take away from listening to your music?
I just want people to enjoy it. I work very hard on my music and I appreciate everyone who listens to it!

How does a track normally come together? Can you tell us something about the process?
It’s always different, Struan and I worked on ‘Wings’ completely remotely over a few months when I was in lockdown. We definitely take things away and work on them individually and come back together and put it together. We try to constantly switch things up though and we try to listen to as much stuff as we possibly can so we are always inspired. For ‘Wings’ I just wrote it in a lockdown and we recorded everything remotely over a two to three-month period.

What band/artists have influenced you the most since you started this project, and why?
For the newest music it was definitely Jeff Buckley, Radiohead, and Elliott Smith. I loved their songwriting and also the 90s had such a distinct vibe. Before this new project, I was listening to a lot of Beatles and Frank Ocean. Currently I’m listening to a lot of Aphex Twin and Burial for inspiration for the newer stuff.

Julius Black interviewWhat countries would you like to tour? Are there any standout venues you’d like to play in?
I’d love to play in Europe, especially Germany, France and maybe Portugal! I would love to perform in Milan or Lisbon, haha.

If you could pick one track for our readers to listen to in order to get a taste of your music, what would you pick, and why?
Definitely my new song, ‘Wings’ that just came out. I think it’s the best representation of where I am at the moment in terms of where my artistry is heading.

What ambitions do you have for the band/your career?
I would like to keep releasing a string of singles through the rest of the year and then play shows in the US and UK at the end of the year/ early 2024.

Finally, as you leave the stage, what are your parting words?
Please stream ‘Wings’! And there’s a lot more music coming out this year!

For more info visit: facebook.com/juliusblackworldwide


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