10 Best moments of Ed Sheeran’s Mathematics Tour – 2023


On the 23rd of April 2022, Ed Sheeran, the 4-time Grammy award winner embarked on a journey, that is the “+–=÷× Tour” pronounced, “Mathematics Tour.”

Ed officially announced 115 shows for the mathematics tour, but has since increased the number adding more dates for the tour in different continents and countries for his fans scattered all over the world.

The success recorded already for the mathematics tour is massive. As of July 2023, the tour had grossed $417.1 million. With more dates announced for his European fans, the mathematics tour is expected to extend through to September 2024 and there’s a possibility that it will land Ed on the list of billionaires by the end of 2024.

Currently, the mathematics tour is pending resumption next year with Ed marking time to spend some with his family.

Objectively, this article is to relive the 10 best moments of Ed Sheeran’s mathematics tour in 2023. Furthermore, to enable you to get Ed Sheeran Europe Tour tickets from a reliable marketplace ahead of the pending traffic tickets are known to cause whence time draws near for the commencement of the shows.

Arlington – May 6th, 2023

One thing that has differentiated Ed Sheeran from other artists in the world is his intimacy with his fans. Ed is always looking out for his fans. On numerous occasions, Ed’s fans described him as a true music lover who does music because he loves to, and not just because he makes money doing it.

Before beginning the North American version of the mathematics tour, Ed surprised his fans residing in Dallas and New York with freestyle gigs.

During the gigs, he treated the fans in Dallas to ice cream while performing atop an ice cream truck. The fans in New York got to listen to a couple of classics from the set list of the mathematics tour, free of charge.

Houston – May 13th, 2023

Ed reportedly created the biggest Houston show of his career as a massive crowd welcomed him in the stadium.

Taking you back to 2013, Ed had previously entertained a cozy crowd of 3000, at BMC (Bayou Music Center). The number when he went back to Houston for the mathematics tour seemed to have multiplied by the previous 3000.

Khalid, the “Young Dumb” singer was present as the show opener. And as he took the stage, the spotlight shined on him just the moment when Ed embraced him on stage and the two went on to create a long-lasting memory for the attendees of the mathematics tour concert on that night.

Tampa – May 20th 2023

Ed handed out free tickets to students of Middleton High School after he paid them a surprise visit during their band rehearsal. Even though Ed had intended to be the one surprising the students, they ended up surprising him since he came in and met them rehearsing his song, “Eyes Closed.”

Excited Ed thanked the students, and then gifted them each a piece of the Sheeran by Lowden guitars alongside the free tickets.

The mathematics tourist went on to share a moment of the visit on his Instagram story. The video captured moments before and after he walked in to meet the students.

Atlanta – May 27th 2023

Recall that in Atlanta, Ed broke a ticket record after performing to more than 76k fans who were waiting in the popular Mercedes Benz Stadium.

But before his performance in the stadium, Ed had made a quick stop in a brewery where he ended up serving beers to patrons who were at the beer garden during his stop.

He then turned the brewery into a musical concert hall by treating every person there to the sweet melodious rhythm of his guitar.

Even though more than half of the people present at the time already had tickets to his show, they sure felt blessed having to watch him play up close. An opportunity that they may never get in the stadiums.

East Rutherford – June 10th 2023

From performing to 130 people in the Mercury Lounge to performing to more than 89k people at the MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford.

Ed has consistently proven to be a master of musical art and he is undoubtedly good at it. His performance at the MetLife Stadium after taking center stage created a memory neither he nor the fans present that night will forget.

Comparing the attendance on the 10th of June to that of his performance in 2012, there’s great significance attached to his Rutherford show experience at the MetLife Stadium and it’s only epic, adding it to the best moments of Ed’s mathematics tour.

Toronto – June 17th 2023

Toronto was especially memorable because Ed surprised his fans with a new tattoo to match the energy of the tour.

He took the city by storm and displayed perfect control over the concert. Alongside Ed was Shawn Mendes who made a historic appearance in the spotlight on stage.

Even though Shawn tried to handle the energy of the crowd as well, he couldn’t hide but showed he was almost overwhelmed by the compelling force of the fans.

Altogether, Ed did 3 shows in Toronto. 2 of the most fantastic shows as described by Sheeranguitars, in a sold-out stadium, and 1 Subtract show held in a historic theater.

Foxborough – June 30th 2023

Sheeran once again proved to be a cheerful giver at Foxborough after he gifted one of his unique guitars to a young musician who was present at the Tobin Community Center, Boston.

He also certified that he is indeed a man of the people by joining the group of young musicians who were giving an outdoor performance for the folks there, to also give out a special performance with his guitar.

Ed went on to perform 2 shows in the popular Gillette Stadium located in Foxborough. The shows were reportedly sold out, with John Meyer joining him on stage to serve the crowd.

Chicago July 29th 2023

“Autumn is coming, tell a friend.” Ed had previously teased his recently released album, “Autumn,” after a show in Chicago.

Chicago remains one of the places where Ed proved superior in the music industry after breaking the record for gathering the most people in the Soldier’s field.

Before that, he had appeared at Wiener Circle where he took turns serving hotdogs to customers and fans who turned up to have a closer look at his humane self.

Wiener Circle is most popular for throwing playful insults to their customers while they serve them. If you are the type that doesn’t take jokes, Wiener Circle is probably not a place for you.

Seattle – August 26th 2023

The people of Seattle hold dearly the memory of August 26th after Ed introduced the city’s artist, Macklemore on stage.

Macklemore joined Sheeran on stage to take on the crowd. The atmosphere immediately went from fire to furnace as the crowd sighted Macklemore. And at that moment, even though Ed never said anything, his reactions proved he made the right decision by having Macklemore on the show.

Attendees confessed the night to be electrifying and the memory everlasting. People who got to see him play a Subtract show before the main event were the happiest.

Inglewood – September 23rd, 2023

Inglewood was the singer’s second to the last show of the mathematics tour as the tour ended in Nevada. We added Inglewood due to the astonishing crowd Ed performed to in the SoFy Stadium.

The last time Ed performed in Inglewood was way back in 2010 and the attendance was barely 100 people.

Today, Inglewood is categorized as one of the most favorite shows of Ed Sheeran in the track record of the mathematics tour because the attendance this time was massive. A staggering number of 81k people made it to his concert this time.


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