Spy (2015) – Film Review


Director: Paul Feig
Cast: Melissa McCarthy, Jude Law, Jason Statham
Certificate: 15

by Anel Blazevic

Bridesmaids’ breakout star Melissa McCarthy shines as the unlikely lead of this enjoyable revenge romp around Europe. McCarthy plays CIA handler agent Susan Cooper. She goes into the field after a mission goes wrong. Jason Statham plays misogynist agent Rick Ford, Cooper’s nemesis. He continually attempts to thwart her at every turn.

Full of smart surprises and bad language, McCarthy carries Spy along on a wave of empathy. When she finally gets to cut loose in paramilitary ass-kicker mode, it’s a great and classic moment of cinematic release.

spy film review melissa

“Neat twists”

Statham and Jude Law take their parts with aplomb. Each actor gently poking fun at their own movie personas. The action and stunts are consistently great. Fast moving – borderline frenetic, actually – each scene develops the story beautifully. A couple of neat twists then add to the drama.

After the last few of McCarthy’s films (especially the atrocious Tammy), it seemed like the actress was stuck playing one-dimensional, obnoxious characters. But here, she’s neither. She reminds us that she can be as funny and unforgettable as any comic today if given the right role in which to thrive.

The occasional plot wobble doesn’t stop Spy from being one of the year’s best action movies. It is as smart (and funnier!) than anything from the Bond franchise.


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