One Day in Valencia: What Not to Miss

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A trip to Spain is incomplete if you don’t get to see the beautiful Valencia. This Spanish city doesn’t need much time to make you fall in love with it. Even a few hours are enough to enchant you with its impressive architecture, artistic spirit, fun traditions, stunning beaches and extraordinary cuisine. Are you intrigued to experience this magical place? This guide about what not to miss in Valencia is what you need.

Best ways to get to Valencia

By ferry

The Port of Valencia is an international hub as ferries and cruise ships from all over the world dock there. Needless to say, visitors’ first impressions of Valencia are extremely positive.

By air

The most common transport option of arriving in Valencia is by plane. The Valencia Airport is busy as it is the fastest way to get there no matter where you live in the world. It is close to the city and it provides all the modern amenities people would expect, such as shops, lounges, car parks and car hire companies.

Getting to Valencia Airport

How to hire a car at Valencia airport?

There are many on-site and off-site car hire companies that offer their services to travellers from all over the world at the Valencia airport. People can either visit their offices during their working hours or make a booking online in advance. Hire cars are a popular means of transport for tourists as they allow them to cover long distances in Valencia fast.

One Day in Valencia What Not to Miss

Where to hire a car at Valencia airport?

The internet is a useful tool for travellers as it helps them find deals and evaluate services in faraway places. Holiday Cars is ideal for people who want to hire a car in Valencia because it shows them the available vehicles and their prices so that they can compare them. In this way, they can not only find the perfect hire car for their trip but also book it online and pick it up once they land at Valencia airport. Holiday Cars takes car hire services to the next level.

What not to miss in Valencia

City of Arts and Science

The most iconic tourist attraction in Valencia has to be the City of Arts and Science. It is a huge complex which consists of buildings that somehow contribute to the cultural or the scientific scene of the city —hence the name. For example, an opera house, galleries, Europe’s largest aquarium, science museums and exhibitions can be found there. The brilliance of those establishments are reflected in the impressive futuristic architecture of their buildings.

Valencia’s Old Town

On a completely different note, Ciutat Vella is Valencia’s Old Town and can make you feel like you’ve gone back to mediaeval times. The 13th-century Cathedral of Valencia, the late Gothic Silk Exchange, the mediaeval Quart and Serranos Towers and the Valencia History Museum are what you should not miss in this part of Valencia.


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