Good Vibes – 3 Reasons To Visit Jamaica in 2020

3 Reasons To Visit Jamaica in 2020 main

Yorkshire’s a beautiful county but it can get a bit chilly in the winter.

So if you’re languishing in Leeds picking icicles from your mittens or huddled up by the fire in Huddersfield, planning next year’s summer holiday might be just the distraction you need. Does the thought of ten days Tenerife float your boat? Or how about a long weekend in New York? Or better still, a fortnight sunning yourself in Sydney?

With so much to choose from, it’s easy to feel overloaded with info and the danger is that you’ll rush your decision and end up in the doldrums on a holiday from hell.

Forget all that hassle, because we’ve gone to the bother of picking the perfect holiday for you – an off the beaten track adventure in the Caribbean’s most chilled-out island nation.

If you’re ready for good vibes, here are three reasons to visit Jamaica in 2020.

1. Music

If you don’t know that Jamaica is one of the world’s music capitals, you need to roll out from whatever rock you’ve been under and clean your ears out!

The home of ska, rocksteady, reggae and dancehall has tuneful treats for everyone – you can learn how to wind and grind with locals at a lively dance like Stone Love’s Weddy Weddy, experience mind-boggling bass as Kingston Dub Club or visit the Bob Marley Museum at his former home in the capital.

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2. Mountains

The stereotypical Jamaican holiday involves sun, sea and sand. And while you’ll find this holy holiday trinity in abundance, it’s a lesser know fact that Jamaica also boasts beautiful verdant mountains permeated with wild trails, wonderful waterfalls and plants that produce the world’s best coffee.

Hiking the Blue Mountain Peak is no mean feat – but at 2256 metres high, you’ll be rewarded with views of the Cuban coast on a clear day and as you wind your way back down towards to coast there are plenty of pitstops where you can grab a cool jelly coconut, some spicy jerk chicken or tasty bun and cheese.

3. Nature

Jamaica’s nature can be as wild as its party scene – for something snappy, take a Black River Safari on the south coast where your guide will take you in close (but safe) proximity to some of the island’s laid-back crocodiles.

And if you’re more into ornithology, bird watching at Green Castle Estate in St Mary is simply sublime – a real taste of tropical paradise that will permanently tug on your heartstrings when you tear yourself away to return to Yorkshire.

So there you have it – a hattrick of radical reasons that Jamaica should be top of your list when it comes to 2020 holiday targets. Once you’ve been bitten by the Jamaica bug, you’re forever smitten.

That’s our list! Share your own Jamaica travel tips in the comments section.


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