Greece vs Spain Golden Visa: Complete Comparison


Is it worth saying that entering another country is expensive for a foreigner? It makes no sense, because the processing of permits takes up the lion’s share of free time and makes you fray your nerves. There are dozens of visas, thanks to which it is easy to realize any dream. As an example, educational or working, for professionals and scientists, and so on. It is a pity that their validity is very limited, which is not the case with a golden pass. It is not just a sticker in the passport, but a document of long eligible duration. It is issued to those who go on a long-term trip or want to eventually apply for citizenship. Let us focus on passes in two of the most sought-after countries.

Understanding Golden Visa Programs

Wealthy people from states where entry to Europe and Schengen is not available can obtain a document by participating in the program as investors. For example, you don’t have to wait for a gold card to qualify for Greece citizenship by investment and collect many documents. It is enough to invest in economic development or purchase property, pay the fees, and enjoy the subsequent privileges. Let’s consider one of the most expensive systems (Italian) and the most inexpensive one of European analogs, which Greece offers.

The Greece Golden Visa Program

The mild climate and picturesque shores beckon tourists and bi-patriots to learn more about Greek culture. The pass is one of the most inexpensive compared to England and the USA. Applicants can get it even when applying online. This innovation appeared during the quarantine period and is still valid today. Three months after approval, the applicant can become a full-fledged Greek according to the law. It does not require knowledge of the language or presence in the territory.

If you plan to settle for a long time in modern Hellas, you will have to live here for 183 days for 7 years. It is a long way but considerably shorter if you consider the lengthy processing under other circumstances. The right to enter the Mediterranean power will cost about 250-370 thousand dollars (real estate deposit).

The Spain Golden Visa Program

In 2013, the government launched a project in which it is realistic to obtain citizenship for property investment. Spain residence by investment allows you first to get a family residence permit and soon pretend for a bigger one. The “pass” can be renewed every two years.

The requirements that are necessary to participate in this project are different. It is possible to choose from several offers:

● purchase of residential property for a total amount of at least five hundred thousand euros;
● buying a share in a Spanish company for an amount of at least 1 million euros;
● opening a deposit account with a bank for an amount of one million euros or more for a period of five years;
● purchase of government bonds for an amount of two million euros or more for five years.

Living in the region is unnecessary to maintain and extend the residence permit, which is one of the advantages of this offer.

The main benefits of the Spain Golden Visa are undoubtedly the speed of issuing a permanent residence permit and the relatively low renewal cost. The minimum amount of money will be about 500 thousand euros.

Greece vs Spain Golden Visa Complete Comparison

Greece vs Spain Golden Visa Programs: Direct Comparison

Immigration programs provide the opportunity to obtain a greece residence by investment or a “bootstrap pass” if certain conditions are met.

The general features of these two powers of residence passes are as follows:

● it is necessary to make significant investments in the economy to obtain a visa;
● holders of these papers have the right to stay legally in European states;
● card holders can travel freely in Schengen countries;
● possibility to obtain citizenship.

However, the differences are obvious regarding deposits. According to Vladlena Baranova (agency Immigrant Invest), Spain is suitable if you have enough capital. The Greek passport costs half as much. Difference and terms, so if you greatly desire to acquire a second citizenship in the shortest terms, use the second option (Greek laws promise to get a passport after 7 years of residence statistics). Another plus in favor of modern Hellas is the permission to include a spouse and children in the application and the applicant’s parents. Nevertheless, the “boot-shaped territory” is attractive from all sides, primarily characterized by a wide range of investment opportunities.


These are just some of the main commonalities and differences between the Spanish and Greek authorization documents. It is advisable to obtain detailed information from official sources or to contact immigration specialists before deciding to travel.


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