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Twitter has won the status of a favorite microblogging platform since 2006. Its simplicity and at the same time variety have made it a real leader of platforms of this kind. Whether you are a fandom lover, an ordinary user, or even a business owner – Twitter will definitely have something to offer to everyone.

But what makes one popular on Twitter? The answer is engagement. All we do, we do in order to increase engagement and make our voices heard. As with many other platforms, this one works according to a difficult mathematical algorithm. In this blog post, we will share secrets to boost your engagement and satisfy the almighty algorithm.

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What is engagement?

Roughly speaking, it is the amount of time a person interacts with your tweets. It includes:

● Retweets of your content
● Replies to someone’s tweets
● Quotes of your tweet
● Likes
● Shares of your content
● Moments (the same as Stories on Instagram)
● Poll votes
● Following
● Clicks on the links you post

So it basically means that if your content is good enough, then you will have many engagements. Or you post different kinds of content, such as polls, moments, and even retweets. You can also see the total number of engagement that was received during the separate amount of time.

Why is Twitter engagement important?

There are many reasons why you need increased engagement on Twitter. You may have a business or just want to have many retweets or likes. In one way or another, engagement is perhaps the most important metric. Here’s why:

● It helps to build up your network. When people see that all the things you post are popular and well-received, they keep coming back for more.
● It helps to get more followers. Why followers? Because they generate even more engagement. And more engagement means social proof.
● It boosts your online presence. With increased engagement, any campaign you run on Twitter will be successful.
● It’s fun! Ok, this one may seem a bit subjective. But, after all, this feeling of being heard and loved by many is really amazing!

How to Increase Twitter Engagement

So, how to increase engagement?

Sometimes you post a tweet and think that this is the tweet of your life. But then you get 2 likes and 0 retweets. Have you ever been in such a situation? Don’t worry, these times have come to an end. With our best tips and tricks, you will increase your visibility and enjoy high engagement rates.

Study your audience

And define their needs! Your audience is a cornerstone of your engagement. All you do, you do for them. You need to try and see what works for them best of all. For example, you may start by using some analytical tools to find out more about your demographics.

As soon as you know their age, gender, and location, it will be easier to pick a great topic that will spark interest and many reactions. And one more tip: post more pictures! No matter what social media you are on, people love visuals. A couple of aesthetic photos or funny memes will bring variety to your content agenda.

Be active and engaged too

Waiting for a reaction from your followers and not reacting to their content is the worst strategy but also, unfortunately, a quite common mistake. Your profile does not exist in a vacuum; it is surrounded by hundreds of other accounts.

Reply to tweets of your mutuals, participate in conversations, and like and retweet other tweets. And of course, follow other users! And you will see that it really works because people will come to your account over and over.

Share more

We bet you have a really interesting life. Then share it more with your followers! Interesting stories, reflections of your past, insights from your professional sphere, and threads – all of these will attract engagement really effectively. Experts say that it is important to post at least a couple of tweets each day. If other users like it, they will share it with others, and you’ll gain even more new friends!

However, do not overdo this one. First of all, Twitter has a daily limit to the number of tweets. Secondly, it will simply annoy your followers.

Use good hashtags

Hashtags are essential for any social media platform. And for Twitter, it is even more important! If you open your feed, you’ll see that people use them really often. First of all, they help to spread important information or news. Secondly, it can help to find like-minded users. So use tags that are relevant to your ideas, and you will notice an increase in engagement.

For example, if you are a TV series lover and want the world to know about your obsession, you should use heaths likes #myfavoriteshow or #showname. If you are a business owner, you may include location and other important info in your hashtags so that you can be found easier.

Post at high times

Yes, sometimes it feels like people are online 24/7. But in fact, it is partially not true. Experts claim that there are so-called peak times when the content is visible really well. For example, during weekday evenings, when people are having a rest from a hard day, scrolling their feeds. Or it is Sunday morning when users observe what others did during the weekend.

So your task is to check when your followers are the most active. You can do it with the help of analytics or just pay attention when you have the biggest amount of new tweets in your feed. Then you should act!

Keep pace with the latest trends

Twitter is an amazing news website; did you know that? If something happens in the world, Twitter users will know about it first. So if you want to have more likes, retweets, quotes, and so on, you need to talk about things that concern people at this or that moment the most.


We all know how hard this fight is for social media popularity. Sometimes you may even think that it is not worth your efforts. But you’ll never know until you try. So experiment, employ new strategies, and boost the old ones, and you will see your Twitter engagement growing!


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