The Importance of Digital Marketing in the Tourism Sector

The Importance of Digital Marketing in the Tourism Sector main

There is no denying the fact that content plays an essential role in attracting users to a website, and that is precisely the purpose of digital marketing; to create interesting online content in order to capture the attention of users and generate traffic.

In the tourism sector, marketing strategies have reached an interesting point in offering customers different products and services. Since the expansion of social network sites and the importance of  the internet, most travellers seek information through web pages and more often end up booking their tour packages online.

Hotels are now opting for an original, effective and intuitive web page design for maximum visibility

Certainly one of the sectors that has relied more on the use of content marketing strategies is hotels, since this way they can showcase their facilities to tourists in a more appealing manner, as well as help ease the process of booking online and making payments for services through their websites.

For example, el the extraordinary Spa Experience circuit, is one of the most outstanding and innovative strategies that the Lopesan Costa Meloneras Resort and Spa has offered its visitors, which allows the traveller to enjoy therapeutic spa treatments in amazing caves in Gran Canaria.

These websites showcase all the effective tools that digital marketing uses in order to offer the products to potential customers, since in the case of these resorts their web pages are so attractively designed that they make tourists fall in love with their images as well as with the promotional content of the websites, highlighting the different services that lure the visitor.

Moreover, people will easily be able to access these online platforms from any mobile device and select any of the products that they want to enjoy during a holiday season well in advance.

The Importance of Digital Marketing in the Tourism Sector phone

The number of subscribers confirms the great scope of ecommerce in tourism

For entrepreneurs who are dedicated to offering tourism services, one of the most important statistical indicators to learn about the projection that their brand or business has achieved is through the number of followers or subscribers in their online platforms or social networks.

For example, the most outstanding boat party in Ibiza has reached 42120 likes on Facebook, which can be certified here and is a sign of the significance of this important annual event that has been called Float Your Boat Ibiza.

This boat tour is one of the most popular events of this island, located on the Mediterranean Sea, as tourists can enjoy different attractions during this party and listen to the best DJs in the world.

What’s more, visitors will get to enjoy delicious drinks and meals during this interesting tour that has already reached 750 subscribers on YouTube, 8960 followers on Twitter and 11672 on Instagram.

These types of events promise unique and unforgettable fun in world-famous tourist destinations. The resources that digital marketing guarantees are an excellent option to achieve greater projection, to stand out within the competitive field and of course to retain potential customers.

Qualifications in digital marketing – a must for professionals in tourism

People who decide to study tourism have ample job opportunities to develop their career in this field, but one of the biggest requirements in this area is to specialise in digital marketing.

Therefore, a postgraduate degree in marketing is an excellent decision to respond effectively to the requirements of the current market. In this way the best decision is to choose a master en marketing in Madrid and get an important professional qualification in the tourism sector.

These qualifications allow the professional to learn to develop a digital marketing plan adapted to the main elements that integrate e-commerce, such as SEO, social networks, SEM, advertising strategies and content creation. With a master’s degrees, people will be able to update their knowledge in the digital world and develop projects in digital media with vast possibilities for success.

Likewise, the other advantages of these postgraduate courses is that they prepare students to obtain a Google Ads certification, which adds enormous value to their digital marketing career and serves as a foundation for professionals to obtain well-paid jobs, or failing that, achieve high recognition for their company.

The Importance of Digital Marketing in the Tourism Sector tech

Master’s degree in tourism marketing – an excellent option to adapt services to digital transformation

Another qualification that currently has a great demand in the tourism sector is a master’s degree in tourism marketing, which offers an excellent educational program to prepare the professional for the world of digital transformation. That is why this type of master’s degree and other postgraduate studies is important to do it in a escuela de negocios, such as the IMF Business School, which gives a double master’s degree in collaboration with the Nebrija University.

These qualifications guarantee the student to formulate, implement and follow up their vision in the competitive field of the tourism sector through innovative and successful strategies that opt on innovation and tourism intelligence. The professional will also learn about the emerging market trends and new business models, as well as effective strategies that respond to the demands of tourists.

With these qualifications, professionals will learn how to incorporate technology and the right tools in the business plan, as well as to lead companies towards a successful digital transformation.

There is no doubt that the tourism industry has been heading towards the digital route and every day it goes through changes in order to offer a better quality product or service to travellers who are looking for hotels and other entertainment venues.

Hence the importance of the professional who has decided to start a career in tourism is determined by their qualification in digital and tourism marketing by developing new methods and strategies to optimise this important sector of the economy, not to mention the interesting media campaigns that they can use not only to get subscribers, but also to satisfy their potential customers.


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