How To Shoot High Quality Videos With Your Phone Camera

How To Shoot High Quality Videos With Your Phone Camera main

It’s never too early to think about Christmas. York is a truly enchanting place at Christmas. Christmas events in Yorkshire are what everyone is really looking forward to with all our usual lovely Christmas days out and traditions! There is always a great list of activities and activities to do at Christmas in Yorkshire with or without children. Such bright events always fall into the lenses of smartphone cameras of ordinary citizens who take a rest at city holidays and events, or creative millennials who want to make engaging video blogs. And this means that the quality of the camera in the devices of both one and the other is crucial.

Smartphones have almost become a part of our body, we do not let them out of our hands either at home, at work, or when traveling. The amount of memory and processor power in a mobile device is sometimes higher than in other laptops. The constant progress in the quality of the camera has pushed people to start shooting videos for a variety of purposes and mount them directly on their smartphone. How many people have lost precious memories from life just because the video turned out to be of poor quality. Do you also know this feeling? We’ll talk about how to shoot video on your phone correctly because we have collected many tips that will always help you achieve a flawless shot. We will also discuss how to edit videos of activities and leisure memories or materials for further work with them made using the phone.

Clear Lens

It is common to overlook this step because it is so evident. Make sure the smartphone camera has an unobstructed field of view before beginning any video recording, and take a brief wipe. The finest cleaning wipes for the job are wet ones, and it also helps if you just breathe into the camera and wipe it with your shirt.

Check And Adjust Your Settings

Most modern luxury smartphones today offer a variety of resolutions and frame rates. These options are usually accessed via a toggle button or hidden behind the settings menu in the main camera app on Android devices. But on Apple, the camera app must be completely closed before you can access Settings, Photos & Camera, and Camera.


In addition to defining your subjects, light also creates an atmosphere or arouses feelings. Play around with the light and pay attention to where your primary source of light is. For instance, midday sunshine on a clear day casts ugly shadows on your subject’s face, but a cloudy or overcast day creates a softer, more aesthetically pleasing light.

5 Second

Professional videographers adhere to a very important rule: the object must be in the frame for no more than 5 seconds. If this value is higher, the video may appear dull and lack dynamics. After all, it should be filled with emotions, and not look without the certainty of wanting to do it. Of course, keeping track of the duration of the frame already in the process of shooting is a very difficult task. But everything can be fixed during the editing process. By the way, even if this is an amateur video, download iMovie for Windows or any other software and take your first steps in editing – small touches will make a simple but very eye-pleasing compilation out of several videos.

How To Shoot High Quality Videos With Your Phone Camera


Shoot either portrait (vertically) or landscape (horizontal). When choosing an orientation, consider the device on which the video will be published. However, keep in mind that the video player only displays footage in a horizontal position. Thus, if the video is shot vertically, then on the sides of the TV or other device you will get ugly huge black bars.

Also consider the platform of uploading. To create a professional social media video, learn in advance the orientation of clips on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube and select an appropriate format.

Use Both Hands

Even more steady video is produced while using two hands. The camera may appear wavering if you move it around too quickly. The likelihood of producing this effect decreases while using two hands. Always use two hands when holding a phone because most phone lenses already have optical image stabilization integrated in, making them rather sturdy.


Professional videographers, in addition to the camera, have many additional tools in their arsenal, they know how to determine the correct position for shooting. It will be useful to have a special tripod that holds the phone during filming. Even if your endurance can be envied, the hand will get tired all the same, which will lead to its trembling and, accordingly, damaged frames.

If there is no tripod for the phone, then use the following rules:

– Do not hold your smartphone at arm’s length. That way it gets tired much faster.
– Hold the gadget with both hands at the same time. The other hand should serve as a support.
– Keep your elbows close to your body as much as possible.
– Rely on other items. For example, walls or railings.

Slow Motion

Many smartphones have strong video functions, such as slow-motion mode that make it seem as though time is moving more slowly or quickly. The former records video at faster frames per second; when played back at a slower speed, the action in the video seems to be moving much more slowly than it actually is. A slower frame rate is employed for time-lapse. The action proceeds far more quickly than it would in real time when replayed at normal speed. Both are capable of making engaging videos.


To produce time-lapse (fast-motion) video, the camera takes frames at predetermined intervals. In this mode, pushing the shutter button initiates a period of intermittent video recording (1 second every 6 seconds, so after 60 seconds of recording, you will have ten seconds) until you click the shutter button once again. In the context of creating memories, it is impossible not to mention that these are often shots with a large crowd of people, for example, a concert or other event in life. You always want to capture not only live sound, but also as many moments as possible, like the gathering of the audience / guests, which usually takes a lot of time. In this case, time-lapse will help you out.


Preserving and cherishing memories is a sometimes underestimated habit. Create digital memories along with ongoing events, capture them for yourself and your loved ones. Especially today, when man has perfectly “tamed” technology and made it simple and understandable for creating high-quality videos.


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