5 Tips to Optimise and Improve Your Website


When it comes to being visible online and digital marketing, no tool at your disposal is greater than your own website. That’s why you should make sure you’re starting on a solid foundation by using a high-quality HTML to WordPress services, like the ones offered by Globalgraphics, to create your website initially, and you need to constantly be on the lookout for ways to improve the site. We have compiled a list of # simple and easy tips so that you can make the most out of your website.

1. Use The White Space

Do not think of white space as waste, because it can be better used for better purposes. White space is important because it allows readers to focus on the most important things. It allows you to decide to bring attention to what matters on a web page. According to ‘Crazy Egg’, that text and headlines surrounded by white space increase how much the user pays attention to the element by more than 20%! This is really important if you want to draw the attention of the visitor to a particular sale or offer. But be careful not to overdo it. You want white space to focus readers ’attention but you don’t want your website to be blank.

2. The Faster, The Better

Pages that load very slowly will result in visitors losing interest. If a person clicks on one of the search results on Google and the website takes forever to load, the person becomes impatient and clicks on a different website. Increasing your website speed should not be very difficult. Google has a free service that will tell you how quickly your page loads. Once you know this information, it has services to help you find ways to boost that speed.

3. Bullet Points Make The Content Readable 

A great way for users to know the most important content right away is to use bullet points. For example, when most people click on a “how to do” link, they usually skip the long paragraphs and focus on the bullet points immediately, which is where the important information is usually located. You can use this to your advantage and focus the reader’s attention on whatever you want by making judicious use of bullet points.

4. Good Title Attracts More Viewers

Firstly, more well-written titles will appear in search engines’ results pages than badly written titles. Making good use of the title and using advertising best practices gives you an edge on websites that don’t put much time or effort into headlines and topics.

Secondly, it’s helpful in guiding viewers to what they need. Viewers will surely click on an attractive and clear title, but unclear and ambiguous titles leave people wondering if this is what they’re looking for or not.

5. Fix Any 404 Errors

Any website with links that lead to 404 “Not Found Page” errors will lose users’ trust and credibility. Facing this dead-end is a disappointing thing for visitors. It also gives the impression that the site is outdated and isn’t actively maintained. Google Webmaster Tools can see and fix 404 errors before it becomes an issue for your visitors. 404 errors and slow loading are two of the most annoying things when browsing the internet, so you definitely need to take care of them. 


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