Best Alcohol Bottle Gift Ideas in 2021

Best Alcohol Bottle Gift Ideas in 2021 main

Unlike the options for footwear and clothing, you can’t actually buy a whiskey or wine as a personalised alcohol bottle to gift. This is an uninspiring prospect for most spirits-lovers. But thanks to these craft beer bottle gifts, you’ll be able to choose a bottle that’s not only designed to complement your drink but is also shaped in some shape or form to appeal to your recipient.

These bottles are also suitable for the beer connoisseur on your gifts or present list. Most of these come from online retailers, meaning you can easily have them delivered to your recipient’s house.

● Natty Boh bottle – $39.99

The best beer bottle gift ideas in this list come from the creator of Natty Boh. Boston Beer Company introduced the “Peeper” in 2009. The bottle stands out from the crowd with its distinct checkered pattern. The design is made from several beer bottles stitched together, and it’s extremely well made.

The bottles come in five different colors, and you can buy a case of 18 bottles for $40.99.

● Smoked Rauchbier bottle – $14.99

We are honestly not sure why this beer bottle is shaped like a goat, but it looks so freaking cool. And the price tag of this liquor is quite impressive. At less than $15, it’s easily one of the best bottle gifts for the beer lover in your life.

The bottle holds 2.2 gallons, and it’s made from a special type of wheat used for German-style beers.

● Cowboy & Hog bottle – $13.99

If your craft beer lover likes combining beer with different food, then this is a perfect choice. You can’t really blame your beer lover for loving the expression, “Take two Hefeweizen, call me a cab.” So, we’re not sure why they’d need two beers, but here you go. You can pick up a case of six for just $24.99.

● Idaho beer bottle – $27.99

Speaking of beers that take some time to drink, this funky bottle would make a great gift for the person who likes to take their time. Idaho has a wide variety of unique beers, and the wooden bottle and minimalist design make it a good choice for that guy or gal who is prone to stopping to enjoy their brewski. The design is built by Bierwerks, a German brewery that offers a “beer of the month” program. The bottle costs $29.95.

● Polar Nova bottle – $49.99

This great bottle, created by San Francisco-based designers, ad agency Decon, is more than just another bottle. It’s part of a growing movement in the beer industry. Decon is selling the bottle for a $40 surcharge, and all proceeds from the sale are donated to Special Ops in a Box, a charity that provides bicycles to people in need in Africa. The bottle also doubles as a bell, so if you know someone who enjoys ringing bells in a parade or marching band, you could get them one for Christmas.

● Flathead bottle – $28.75

This bottle makes a great gift for those who enjoy nice glasses, good beer, and possibly kick back with a nice book. This is a cool bottle because it’s less ostentatious than the High West Whiskey bottle. Plus, it’s shaped like a dog — which is a classic. We are not sure if the tall glass is a standard size, but we’d probably try it out, just to see. The bottle holds two bottles.

Best Alcohol Bottle Gift Ideas in 2021 gin

● Budweiser steel bottle – $4.50

The Budweiser Steel bottle is like an experiment in the form of a present. It’s made of steel, not glass, and it looks like something you’d carry on your back in the Mojave Desert. It’s crafted from a single piece of steel, so it’s almost like the bottle is floating in midair. So, it will probably last a long time, and you’ll be able to drink Budweiser — or, maybe PBR because this bottle seems to be very popular with craft beer fans. The price? It’s just $4.50.

This is a great bottle for someone who likes the look of a rustic piece of steel but doesn’t want to spend $50 or more on a glass bottle. Check it out on eBay or in your local thrift shop.

● Classic bottle – $9.75

The Classic bottle is the standard-issue glass bottle. If you like to take a pint of beer with you on the road, this is the one you want. It’s the best choice if you know someone who prefers the appearance of a bottle to glass. And it’s available in either a 16 ounce or 24-ounce size, as well as a stainless-steel version. Just $9.75.

● McCoy bottles – $49.95

These are a fairly classic bottle design. They come in a variety of classy styles, and they can be found in most restaurants. If your restaurant doesn’t sell these, you can always get them online. Each bottle comes with a stamp — an image that includes the name of the restaurant where you bought it — and that stamp will never wear off. They come in nine colors as a custom, including this orange bottle from Wayward Brewing.

● Lincoln glass bottle – $30.10

Lincoln personalized bottles are a rare sight on the shelves of most liquor stores, and they usually cost more than most bottles of beer. But they make a great choice for anyone who likes collecting bottles. These bottles are encased in protective glass, so they’re a good choice for someone who likes beer and whiskey, or who likes something a little stronger. A box of 100 costs $30.10.

● Marshall bottle – $10.95

Marshall bottles are often painted or lacquered in colorful engraved designs and they are created by Ziploc. Some of these nice bottles have been passed down through families for generations. They are also collectible, and they can be found for prices in the range of $5 to $10.95. These bottles are made of glass and are shatterproof, so if your loved one likes to keep beer or whiskey at room temperature for an extended period, they are a good choice.

How to get the perfect gift for the beer lover in your life?

When you buy a unique gift set for a beer drinker, there’s so much more to consider than the type of beer that it’s possible to buy. That said, you should be prepared to gift beer lovers with several cool gifts, and these above-stated are the best options for any variety of beer drinkers


You can also consider unusual beer mugs set – $17.65 as a gift set. This is a great option for anyone who likes beer, or any food that requires you to drink from a mug. This one comes with four mugs that are sized to fit drinks of about 16 ounces. It’s available in four different styles, including this classic cut, as well as the black and gold that you’ll probably see used in any World Series victory parade. It’s a solid option for anyone who likes beer.


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