What to Consider When Deciding If You Should Retake Your A Levels


Sitting on A Level or comparable exams isn’t easy. In reality, it can be a stressful experience, even under the most favourable circumstances. And it isn’t uncommon for students to fail the high marks they desire or even pass at all. If you identify with the situation and are looking to retake A levels, you’ve come to the right place. This post will cover some essential things you’ll need to consider when deciding on retaking your exams. Continue reading to learn more.

Where to retake the exams

Contrary to popular belief, not every school will allow students the opportunity to redo their exams if they’re unable to get the intended grades. Hence, you need to check if your school offers retakes. If it’s not an option, look into whether or not they can aid you in organising them instead. If not, explore your options and enquire at the sixth forms and local colleges. Consider independent colleges that focus on retakes.

More often than not, A Levels are only sat yearly during the summer. Therefore, it pays to enrol in school ahead of time. On the other hand, if you can study alone and don’t require any help or external teaching with your revision, you can be an external candidate instead. But remember that while it offers greater independence, it’s more expensive. So, if you’re planning to opt for the self-taught route, do your due diligence regarding the costs.

It may affect university offers

Nearly all universities, including the most prominent and well-known schools, accept those who have resit their exams, so there isn’t any fear of being barred or excluded from applying. But universities are likely to be aware of the fact that you managed to achieve your grades through resitting. Thus, it may impact your chances of getting offers. They may ask why you could not get the necessary marks when you took the test for the first time.

Some examples of extenuating circumstances universities consider to be legitimate are significant disruptions due to changes in school, bereavement or grief, and serious illnesses. However, remember that most universities are about ensuring the best candidates are given placements, so they need to understand the circumstances behind their retakes.

You’re afforded only one retake

Under the existing system, it’s possible to retake an exam only once. The AQA found that the grades of students who retook their exams had risen significantly. This was due in part to the government’s decision to begin moving away from module systems so the A Level isn’t broken into small chunks and redone multiple times. In many cases, the linear system will mean retaking the entirety of the A Level, regardless if it’s only a single exam that gives you trouble.


Before you rush into a retake because of unsatisfactory results, you must first consider which school to resit the exam, as well as how it’ll impact university offers. Because you’ll only have one chance of retaking the exam, it’s best to work with professional tutorial services to ensure that you get the best results when you redo the test. It will make a difference.


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