10 Rules You Need to Follow to Be a Good Roommate

10 Rules You Need to Follow to Be a Good Roommate main

Sharing a small space with another person is a significant challenge. More so if that is a stranger. Notably, students often face this struggle since many have to share their dorm rooms. For many, it can also be the first experience of sharing cohabiting with anyone except their family.

Hence, you’ll have a lot to learn and find ways to adapt and compromise. Here are ten rules that will make it easier to become a good roommate and get the most satisfactory experience of sharing your space.

Don’t be afraid to say hello first

It can be awkward meeting a person you do not know for the first time. Take the initiative to introduce yourself. Appearing approachable and friendly will create a comfortable environment for both of you.

It can turn out that you have more in common than you think. You both may use essay helper to pay for essay writing on EssayHub for your papers. At the very least, you are about to start a new chapter in your life.

Take time to get to know each other

After meeting and greeting, try to set a day for an activity together. For example, you can go to the nearest coffee shop for a chat. Remember to keep the conversation casual. Ask about their hobbies, favorite music, movies, or books.

Do not inquire about too personal matters unless you see that a person is open to talking about it. Keep your tone friendly and non-judgemental. Establishing trust is the most important task of getting to know each other.

10 Rules You Need to Follow to Be a Good Roommate

Keep an open mind

It is very important to be open-minded when meeting other people. Especially if you’re going to share a living space with them. Your roommate might be coming from a very different background. Avoid jumping to conclusions or playing into stereotypes.

Express sincere interest and try to learn from them. They can be the person to introduce you to helpful study techniques, recommend the best essay service review on NoCramming, or become your study buddy. Understand that everyone has different habits and routines. Always be respectful of your roommate’s ways.

Divide the space

Sharing a room does not mean that you should be denied personal space. Of course, everyone gets their bed and the space around it. But there are also shared areas such as wardrobes and cupboards.

Divide the space equally between each other right away. Make sure that everyone has enough room to place their stuff. Be ready to compromise to find the best solutions for the storage organization.

Set clear boundaries from the very start

Boundaries are the foundation of any healthy relationship. Discuss the critical aspects of sharing a room openly. It is important to share any necessary information to make each other comfortable.

Consider such things as:

● Never take your roommate’s belongings without asking.
● Have quiet hours to study and have time for yourself. It is crucial to make room for each other.
● Inform each other about allergies or any health issues that a roommate should be aware of and know what to do in case of emergency.
● Don’t invade each other’s personal space.

Respect one another’s waking hours

Become familiar with your roommate’s schedule and work around it. For example, if you tend to study late at night, have a light nearby your bed to keep the rest of the room dark. Be extra quiet and wear headphones to not disturb your roommate’s sleep.

Do not invite other people to your room without telling your roommate first. Remember to have guests only during the waking hours discussed prior.

Come up with a chores schedule

Share chores and responsibilities to keep your room clean and pleasant. Design a schedule of weekly cleaning suitable for both of you. Do your part diligently and expect the same from your roommate.

Remember to keep this schedule flexible. But make sure that each of you does an equal amount of chores a week.


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