How to Choose an Engagement Ring for Your Partner


We have all seen romantic movies and examples of people, going on one knee to propose to their other half. They then open a small jewellery box and display their love with the perfect choice of ring. There is usually a bit of silence while the partner decides whether firstly, they want to get married to them and secondly if the ring is to their taste. We will look at the options here to ensure you make the right decision of a engagement ring for as you as a couple.

How Much Do You Want to Spend?

The main consideration when choosing an engagement ring UK side is how much you can afford to spend. The old rule was that it should be worth around one month of salary, and sometimes as much a three months’ salary, but a new trend suggest that couples are spending less. There was a survey conducted by retailer William May that indicated that couples are spending about 19% less than they used to, with some people going as far as buying Poundland’s one pound engagement ring.

There is no reason to resort to that though, unless you really have to, but more often than not you may also be saving for a house or your wedding. The best advice here is to look at your finances and then set a budget and sticking to it.

Getting More Bang for Your Buck

If it’s the traditional diamond engagement ring you’re after, it’s worth doing your research. You want to buy from a company that’s reliable and known for the great value they offer. Review sites like TrustPilot can help you choose the right one for you. At a glance, the jewellery company Baunat has one of the best ratings on there. Most retailers now have an online presence as well as showrooms you can visit in person. You’re looking for someone with an online presence that can prove they’re doing their best to get you the right price for your budget.

You are ideally looking for a company that has been in the engagement ring UK business for years and shows integrity. Ones that buy their diamonds at the source also helps cut out the middleman, making it more affordable. 

Choosing the Right Ring for Them

When you first look into buying a diamond engagement ring, you will learn to look out for colour, clarity, cut, and carat weight, also known as the four C’s. But the most important thing to consider when buying an engagement ring UK is your partner’s personal taste. Have they dropped any subtle hints, or have you managed to discuss it with them? Showing them that you have listened and understood them is a huge part of this. Remember, that diamonds are forever, but not for everybody. Many partners to be may prefer, gemstones like Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire or similar. Taste in metals may also differ, whether it’s rose, yellow or white gold or even platinum, tungsten, steel or similar. The choice is wide and choosing the right one for your partner is important. Happy shopping! 


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